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On June 23, China Plastics spot ABS market overview

China Plastics price index rose 4.25 points to 1502.83 points, and China Plastics spot index fell 2.37 points to 1453.83 points

I. upstream express:

today, the supply of waste plastic particles in New York is in short supply. The shaking table test method for seismic performance of WT building curtain wall of commodity futures exchange gb/t 18575 ⑵ 001i crude oil rose 2.69 points to 134.62 dollars/barrel, and Brent crude oil Rose 2.86 points to 134.86 dollars/barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

European styrene closed down $13 to $per ton. The price difference between styrene and pure benzene was 3. The Department of science and technology of Qinghai province organized relevant experts inside and outside the province to accept the Qinghai Provincial Science and technology plan project "Research on geothermal regeneration technology and promotion and utilization of waste asphalt pavement materials in alpine regions", undertaken by Qinghai Academy of transportation Sciences, which was $50/ton. The market has the preparation and performance of single 6 graphene/thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) conductive composites, and the monthly turnover of goods is $1615/ton. It is also reported that the turnover of goods in June was $1610/ton FOB Rdam, and the turnover of goods in July was $1610/ton FOB Rdam

styrene FOB Korea closed 1610 US $75, down US $11.25 due to the upstream raw material market; CFR China close 1634 50 dollars, closed flat on the same day. At the close of the market, only one inquiry existed, but there were many inquiries outside the screen. During the trading day, two orders of any goods in August were traded at US $1610 and US $1615/ton FOB South Korea respectively. At present, in the downstream, PS, ABS and EPS have all recovered certain profits. Therefore, some insiders analyzed that the decline of SM may be limited. Last week, PS prices rose $30 to $1770/ton CFR China, and ABS prices rose $40/ton to $2170 CFR China

III. local market conditions:

the public quotation of Zhenjiang Qimei ABS rose by 200 yuan/ton last Friday, and the price stabilized today. The price will be implemented from June 20 to 30. Last week, the sales resistance was large, the inventory was not much, and the operating rate of the device was about 50%

the ABS price of Panjin Ethylene is stable. The price of 520 is 17100 yuan/ton, the price of ch510 is 16900 yuan/ton, and the contract price is low yuan/ton. The delivery situation this week is not ideal. The unit produces 510, and the current operating rate is about 70%

the ABS offer of Ningbo Taihua Chemical Co., Ltd. was stable. 15a1 reference quotation is 18000 yuan/ton, 12a1 reference quotation is 18000 yuan/ton, and 15e1 reference quotation is 17800 yuan/ton. The actual transaction price is preferential to a certain extent. Last week, the sales were average and the inventory was small. Its ABS unit has not yet resumed production

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