Beijing station, the first stop of the most popula

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Beijing station, the first stop of jijinluo Asia tour, opened grandly

in the global network market, there is such a unique manufacturer. He always sticks to his faith, focuses on network, and takes this as the goal,

realizes his business blueprint step by step

Yes, he is extreme networks

twenty years ago, extreme became famous for providing the most comprehensive high-performance network access and exchange products, and now, It has grown into one of the leading providers of software driven network solutions

through the acquisition and integration of related products of zebra, Avaya, Boke and other well-known network providers in the industry, he has expanded the product lineup, provided perfect solutions for customers in this vertical market, and made the development of integrated business quite dynamic and competitive

recently, extreme launched a grand Asian tour with the vision of providing more value for partners. Extreme now, an era of acceleration is accelerating

Bob Gault, chief revenue and service officer of extreme, pointed out that extreme aims to meet the needs of all locations in the network and provide end-to-end solutions for enterprises. In the latest Gartner data center network market score, extreme is one of the 22 manufacturers with the highest score and the most feedback. 10 if the repeatability in three angles of large, medium and small meets the requirements, 0% of the experimenters will recommend extreme N surfactant: alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether networks

extreme is integrating many technologies, Avaya's framework technology, Boke's data center to enhance the interactive solution between Port Industrial Park and port (including switch, routing and analysis), and zebra's wireless LAN product portfolio. Moreover, the automation Park solution provided by extreme also integrates Avaya's framework and extreme management technology. These integrations are very attractive to many customers. At the same time, they also enable partners to reach a broader customer base, expand coverage and generate opportunities for cross selling product portfolio

according to the research of Gartner, by 2020, 65% of enterprises will adopt IOT products, and extreme is born with the genetic attribute of IOT. By putting sensors on the infrastructure of enterprises, it can connect everything to the network. It can not only realize simple and convenient management and analysis, but also realize adaptive management and cross domain, so as to meet the growing needs of users for security, visibility, flexibility and experience quality, In the IOT world, only extre confirms that the equipment has been connected to the power supply line, and me has taken up the benchmark. This is also the most important reason why many partners favor extreme

in China, Changhong Jiahua has always maintained close cooperation with extreme. At the same time, it has many years of cooperation with Avaya, Boke and zebra. Its special identity enables Changhong Jiahua not only to adjust its pace prospectively in the process of acquisition and integration of three-party network products by extreme, but also to help channel partners adapt to the changes brought about by integration more quickly through its own ability, And meet the opportunities and challenges brought by it

as the theme of the conference said,

beyond the network to provide connections,

Changhong Jiahua will work with extreme to provide partners with a more perfect and competitive product portfolio solution from wired to wireless, from tangible to intangible, from hardware to software, and help partners win in the present and the future

Extreme Now,

We are On Going!

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