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Sealing patent successfully solves the problem of sealing plastic bottle mouth

for a long time, the poor sealing performance of plastic bottled beverages has been a major problem perplexing the quality assurance of the beverage industry. Although the new bottle cap sealing technology, which was granted the national utility model patent by Dongguan haomifeng Beverage Co., Ltd. in 2006, has fundamentally eliminated the problem of "secondary pollution" in the sealing of plastic bottled beverages, the patented technology has not been popularized and applied in the industry so far

according to the data, the relevant regulatory authorities at all levels found that the qualified rate of products was often unsatisfactory and the microbial indicators exceeded the standard. It is understood that the main problem is the poor sealing of the bottle cap, which has become one of the important factors leading to the excessive total number of bacteria. It is understood that at present, in the national standards, the sealing structure of plastic bottled drinks, and the standards on the sealing and hygiene of the screw part of the bottle mouth are blank

through the test, it is found that after putting several different brands of spin cap plastic bottled drinks flat into black water for 30 seconds, take out and dry the appearance, and then slowly unscrew the bottle cap. At this time, it can be seen that the thread part of the bottle mouth is stained with black water that has just penetrated. This simple experiment shows that the bottle mouth is only covered by the bottle cap, and all countries in the world are actively promoting relevant research and development. There is no sealing effect at all, and air and water can enter the bottle mouth or bottle unimpeded. This directly causes the bottle mouth to be easily polluted by dust, bacteria and harmful substances in the process of circulation, storage and transportation

it is understood that the patented technology adds a seal at the bottom of the cover without changing the sealing structure and sealing effect of the top of the existing bottle, which protects the screw thread part of the bottle mouth, avoids the pollution in the process of circulation and sales, and thus eliminates the safety and health hazards of the screw thread part of the 64 fiber reinforced calcium silicate plate bottle mouth. At the same time, because the bottom of the bottle cap is sealed, the probability of contamination of the beverage is greatly reduced. The sealing structure is suitable for sealing all kinds of plastic bottled drinks, and its production cost is basically not increased compared with the current technology

it is understood that Guangdong, as a province with large intellectual property rights, has more than 100000 patent applications every year, but it is indeed rare to convert them into standards. Therefore, how to promote the transformation of enterprise patents and core technologies to standards, integrate more patented technologies into standards, and realize the "binding" effect between patented technologies and core technologies and standards, so as to produce the property right effect of standards, is a new topic worthy of in-depth study. The servo machine with high speed regulation accuracy, which conforms to the standard gb/t2976 (2) 004/iso 7802:1993 "experimental method for wire winding of metallic materials" has a wide range and stable performance. It drives the ball screw pair to rotate through the synchronous toothed belt deceleration system

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