The hottest seasonal construction measures

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Seasonal construction measures

section I construction measures in rainy season

a. the mix proportion of concrete and mortar should be adjusted after measuring the moisture content of sand and stone to ensure accurate measurement. When the rainfall is convenient and fast, it is forbidden to pour large-area concrete. Sufficient covering materials shall be prepared for pouring in small areas. When choosing them, we need to decide according to the actual situation

B. during the construction period, we should strengthen the contact with the meteorological observatory and do a good job in weather forecasting in time. The simple frame shall be reinforced or removed, and the newly poured concrete shall be covered with plastic film and gunny bag for protection

c. the tower crane should be installed with the technical requirements of the gold assay oil tank in the era of lightning protection. The electromechanical lines should be regularly checked and locked after work, and rain proof measures should be taken

d. maintain the transportation road and take organized drainage to ensure smooth transportation

e. dredge the site drainage ditch to ensure its smoothness

section II 10:30 11:00 thermoplastic product market development and technical winter construction measures

the project is in the decoration construction stage in winter, and the following construction measures must be taken:

1. Mix a certain amount of antifreeze or hot water into the plastering mortar for the plastering project, and ensure that the water temperature does not exceed 80 ℃ when using hot water

2. The painting work should be carried out in sunny days as far as possible, and a small amount of salt should be added to increase the antifreeze

3. During the construction of finishing works, the use temperature of mortar shall not be lower than 5 ℃, and antifreeze measures shall be taken before the mortar hardens

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