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As the peak season approaches, the price of float glass has broken through historical highs

in the past month, the average price of float glass has shown a continuous upward trend In mid October, the national average price of float glass continued to rise sharply, led by South China, with an increase of 10.5 yuan/weight box, or 9.96%. The characteristics of the peak consumption season of float glass gradually appeared

pan Jianping, an analyst at CITIC Securities [28.38 -1.42%] building materials industry, believes that with the advent of the peak consumption season of float glass, the demand will rise significantly. However, considering that the price of float glass has been at a historical high and that a small number of production lines of float glass may be shut down in the next two months, it is more likely that the price of float glass will rise steadily

in mid October, the price of float glass in Beijing rose sharply for the first time after this round of high-level correction, and the average price reached a high of 94.46 yuan/weight box, mainly because the prices of products floating 8 mm and 12 mm increased significantly, reaching 5 yuan/weight box, an increase of 5.56%; The price of float glass in Qinhuangdao also maintained an upward trend, with the average price reaching a high of 94.23 yuan/weight box, which was mainly due to the rise of about 3 yuan/weight box for both 4mm and 12mm floating products; In Guangzhou, the average price of float glass increased by 10.5 yuan/weight box, breaking the historical high of not easy to absorb water. The prices of 5mm, 8mm and 12mm float glass were increased by 12 yuan/weight box, up 11.54%; Prices in Shanghai also continued to show an upward trend, with an average increase of 4.13 yuan/weight box, or 4.19%. Prices of all varieties rose significantly

for the future trend of float glass prices, CITIC Securities believes that the price of float glass is expected to continue to rise within the next month The reason is that, first of all, from the inventory data, the inventory location of production enterprises in mid October was 12.58 million weight boxes, which continued to decline month on month; Secondly, October is the peak consumption season of float glass. The market has strong positive expectations for real estate development investment and new construction area of houses in October, which will stimulate the continuous rise of concrete demand for float glass

Zhang Chi, an analyst in the building materials industry of Huachuang securities, also said that this round of price rise stems from two aspects. One is that the demand is driven by the investment in the upstream real estate industry. From the data of the third quarter released yesterday, the real estate investment shows a trend of accelerating rise. In September, the real estate investment increased by 37.1% year-on-year, the highest level since July 2008, which raises the expectation of the construction industry to be better Second, the supply side of glass enterprises, although the current domestic glass industry overcapacity, but this does not mean excess production He said that recently, the inventory of enterprises in food packaging has been declining. At the end of last year, more than 50 glass production lines were shut down nationwide. Generally speaking, the resumption time of glass production lines is about half a year. It is not so easy for these production lines to resume production completely in the short term

another analyst in the building materials industry of securities companies said that float glass is a basic kind of glass, with a wide range of demand. The sharp rise in prices will have a greater positive impact on most glass enterprises According to him, the glass production line of CSG a [16.71 -1.42%] has begun to resume production Wu Guobin, Secretary of CSG a, also said in an interview that the company's float glass price is currently running at a high level

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