The hottest season is approaching, and cold rollin

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The peak season is approaching, and cold rolling enterprises have overhauled it one after another

the cold rolling production line has always existed in steel production enterprises with low consumption and low maintenance. The use rate of cement electric bending machine is low. It is usually difficult for steel mills to carry out the maintenance of cold rolled coil production line at the same time. However, in August and September this year, many cold rolled coil production enterprises reported maintenance plans. The following table is the currently published maintenance of cold rolled coil enterprises

In August and September, the steel plant involved in cold rolling maintenance table

the table involved three large steel enterprises, multiple blast furnaces and rolling lines, which were the most concentrated cold rolling capacity and connected maintenance with CPU (computer) this year. Except that it is difficult to estimate the impact of ASGT blast furnace maintenance on reducing hot metal supply on cold rolled coils, a total of about 263000 tons of cold rolled coil supply was affected, accounting for about 3% of the total supply, The reduction of source supply can be combined with the situation of market inventory to analyze the impact on the cold-rolled coil market. In addition, bxgt switched to hot rolling through the maintenance of cold rolling production line due to the low order of cold rolling. From the perspective of data, the impact of nearly 3% supply impact on the supply of cold-rolled sheets and coils needs to be paid attention to, but the overall demand performance of cold-rolled products this year should also be considered. Since the first half of the year, there has been little performance in the maintenance and production conversion of cold rolled products. On the one hand, due to early orders, steel mills need to produce according to orders first. On the other hand, the early profits of hot coils are not enough to attract manufacturers to adjust production scheduling plans and switch to hot coils. As the market changes, the hot coil supply continues to be insufficient, and the price continues to approach the cold-rolled products. The cold-rolled profit situation and the market performance of strong supply and weak demand make some steel mills have production conversion plans

in terms of market inventory, the current cold-rolled coil inventory is 1188800 tons, which is basically the same as that of last month, an increase of 80000 tons over the same period last year, while the cold-rolled coil has been in a high inventory state for nearly three months from June to August. The continuous high cold rolling inventory brings certain pressure and risks to the cold rolling Coil Market, and also puts forward the demand for reducing inventory to the market. In the case of poor downstream data performance, the reduced supply of maintenance just meets this demand. Therefore, although the data affect more cold rolling supply 2 The vibration of the testing machine is mostly caused by the problems of sensors and controllers, but the subsequent market may not drive more market prices

based on the above, at present, the market has reached a consensus on the so-called "peak season is not prosperous", but there is often the performance of being unfaithful in the market. It is difficult to say that in this peak season, the market will follow the biggest achievement: ending the routine before the chaos in the Turkish political arena, coupled with the good foundation of reduced supply, so it is expected that the market will inevitably rise in September, and even if it falls, its space is very limited

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