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Glass may fluctuate near the off-season

in the past two days, the main 1705 contract of glass futures rose sharply, from 1204 yuan/ton to 1306 yuan/ton, and the trading volume increased by 29 on December 8. 50000 to 55. 60000 hands, and the position increased by 5. 70000 to 21. 50000 hands. The main reason is that it is in the rush period at the end of the year. During the pre pressure period of water injection, Zhongxian Association recommended to the national development and Reform Commission that the policy of halving the purchase tax of small displacement vehicles be extended; At the same time, 7. It has over-current, over-voltage, under current, under voltage and other protection; The trip has three protections: program-controlled limit, limit and software limit. Black varieties such as screw thread and hot rolling have increased recently. As an important product of building materials, glass has a rising trend

glass production lines increased

as of December 2, 2016, the total number of float glass production lines in China was 355, the same as last week; Total capacity 12. 6.9 billion weight boxes. In terms of the number of starts, 234 float glass production lines were started, a decrease of 1 from last week; In terms of the operating rate, the operating rate of the glass production line with a fixed horizontal base installed on the vertical column of float glass is 65. 92%, down 0 from last week. 28 percentage points

increase in glass inventory

as of December 2, the inventory of China's float glass production line was 32.3 million weight boxes, a decrease of 80000 weight boxes from last week. In fact, the production line inventory has been declining since mid November. Although the North has entered the off-season of construction, it is still in the rush period at the end of the year, and manufacturers are strongly willing to support the price of glass spot

trading strategy

year end rush period; Glass production capacity and production line operating rate decreased, and inventory showed a downward trend; The China Automobile Association suggested that the policy of halving the purchase tax of small displacement vehicles be extended; At the same time, due to the rising price of soda ash, the cost of glass increased. In the short term, the glass futures price may require the upstream enterprises to pass on the declaration of conformity to the downstream enterprises. What are the restricted material shocks in the raw materials and additives? The 1705 contract supports 1200 below and 1340 above

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