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Explore the root causes of the three-year transformation and upgrading of Chengdu trump company

explore the root causes of the three-year transformation and upgrading of Chengdu trump company

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Guide: when sinotruk resolutely embarked on the transformation and upgrading Road, and when domestic and foreign peers focused on her magnificent butterfly change, the extraordinary three-year endeavor of SINOTRUK's Second Entrepreneurship once again strengthened its confidence in taking a new development path. Almost at the same time, in September, 2010, Chengdu ace commercial vehicle company joined hands

when sinotruk resolutely embarked on the road of transformation and upgrading, and when domestic and foreign peers focused on her magnificent butterfly change, the extraordinary three years of "Second Entrepreneurship" of SINOTRUK once again strengthened its confidence in taking a new development path. The lower guide main shaft (15), the sub disc (16), the linear ball bearing (17), two radial ball bearings (18), the experimental force sensor (19), the friction force sensor (20), the thrust ball bearing (21), the back nut (22), and the knurled screw 23 must be operated when replacing the collet and loading and unloading various friction pairs. The linear ball bearing (17) can make the lower guide main shaft (15) move up and down, with small friction force, light and flexible, which can make it have high sensitivity when applying the experimental force, Bearing (18) can make the time display of friction force transmission accurate and reliable

almost at the same time, in September, 2010, Chengdu ace commercial vehicle company "joined hands with" China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, a private enterprise located in Central Sichuan, with three years of mastery, three years of hard work, three years of reform and innovation, deep efforts, and potential release, creating another beautiful report card of China National Heavy Duty Truck regionalization development strategy

this is a report card of transformation and upgrading, improving quality and efficiency. Sichuan's largest commercial vehicle project, the 012 new factory of China heavy truck Chengdu Commercial Vehicle production base, was completed and put into operation. It is said that this w5g medium and heavy truck is a line that pays tribute to the Pioneer 10 spacecraft, matches the key assembly of China Heavy Truck Man technology platform, and the quality of the whole vehicle has reached the domestic leading level, fully realizing the manufacturing capacity of a full range of heavy, medium, light, micro and ultra-high commercial vehicles

this is a report card of economic stabilization and recovery and enhanced market confidence. In 2013, this enterprise, which has been established for more than 50 years, achieved the operating performance of 35000 units with full vitality, hitting the highest annual level. In the past three years, the production and sales have increased by 30% year by year, realizing a virtuous cycle from restorative development to rising against the trend, and completing the overall transformation and upgrading of the industry

this is a report card that benefits people's livelihood and shares the fruits of development. With the in-depth implementation of the national western development strategy and the promotion of key projects during the 12th Five Year Plan period, sinotruk trump will form a large-scale production capacity to meet the needs of users for various commercial models, effectively promote local economic development and improve enterprise benefits, and lay the foundation for sinotruk to achieve the objectives of the 12th Five Year Plan

guided by market opportunities

looking back at history, three years ago in early summer, two hurried figures looked and chatted along the asphalt roadside of the plant. In a frank conversation, Wei Zhihai, deputy secretary of the Party committee of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, and Yuan Chengjun, then general manager of trump, reached a tacit consensus on win-win development. The achievement of a cup of tea has turned out to be an unparalleled fate, which is the prelude to the "hundred day flash marriage" spread in the industry

philosopher bacon concluded that it is a rare wisdom to be good at identifying opportunities at the beginning of doing something. When opportunities enter the field of vision with brand-new connotation, SINOTRUK, with its super brand charm, strong financial strength and far-sighted market vision, has insightful insight into opportunities and opened the door of opportunities with change. The national policy makes the enterprise like a spring breeze, and the entrepreneurial passion swings out a majestic "strong voice of the times"

the national strategy for the great development of the western region has planted wings for the great development of the western region. As a "new fulcrum" of modernization, the new western region has attracted the attention of the world, and the vast market capacity of the western region has released an impressive light; During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the state invested nearly 700billion yuan, and a considerable part of the new key projects covering railways, highways, airports, electricity, water conservancy, coal mining, oil, natural gas and other key projects will be implemented in the central and western regions; The adjustment of the national automobile industry policy clearly puts forward that we should vigorously support the development of the automobile industry, improve the industrial concentration, form large and medium-sized enterprise groups with internationally renowned brands and core competitiveness as soon as possible, support the merger and reorganization of the automobile industry, and optimize the industrial structure and product structure. All this has given sinotruk a rare opportunity for development

those who are good at fighting should seek the potential, and business opportunities should not be missed. China National Heavy Truck Corporation Limited reviewed the situation and proposed that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, a large commercial vehicle enterprise group dominated by heavy trucks and developed in a full range of heavy, medium, light, passenger, special and construction machinery should be established, of which the quality of heavy trucks should reach the international advanced level and other products should reach the domestic first-class level

through capital operation, sinotruk successfully reorganized Chengdu trump card, established Fujian Haixi, merged Datong gear and other actions, which is not only to improve the nationwide industrial layout, enrich product series, and develop towards the field of full series commercial vehicle manufacturing, but also reflects the responsibility of a large state-owned enterprise for the country and the development of national automobile industry

Wei Zhihai, who is also the chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of SINOTRUK trump, said: "we closely follow the national development strategy, closely integrate the State Council's promotion of the reorganization of the automotive industry with the actual development of SINOTRUK, seek win-win cooperation based on market orientation, realize the expansion and strengthening of enterprises, and further play the leading role of the heavy truck industry, which is also the duty of state-owned enterprises."

along the context of reality, we can see how this successful strategy has profoundly changed the face of trumps. The restructured trump company has always grasped the two inseparable themes of "challenge" and "opportunity", insisted on creating a new leap in the automotive industry in the western region with innovation, insisted on decisively eliminating backward production capacity with courage and mind, and injected a large amount of funds to realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, insisted on fully respecting the market law with reform and integration, promoted the adjustment of industrial structure, and made this reborn enterprise climb the peak and cross the gully, Go further

take improving quality and innovation as the guarantee

innovation has never been groundless. Policies, industries, talents, finance and so on are undoubtedly the sunshine and rain that nourishes innovation

for the trump card of SINOTRUK, from innovation driven to transformation and upgrading, every process is using innovation to explain development. Because innovation needs ideas and paths, but also needs ways and platforms. Jin Wensheng, general manager of SINOTRUK trump, said that only by maintaining the advantages of products in technology, performance, quality and service, and actively through management innovation, product innovation and quality innovation, can we create a sustainable competitive advantage for the enterprise. This is our innovative concept

for this enterprise that integrates various factors such as different regions, cultures, systems, etc., the leadership and decision-making levels need to conduct in-depth research and focus on solving, obviously starting from innovative management. In order to straighten out the enterprise management and consolidate the management foundation, since 2011, trump company has actively integrated and improved the two management systems around the "Second Entrepreneurship" activity of the group company, implanted a large number of management systems, methods and processes of SINOTRUK, and constantly promoted the development of enterprise management towards standardization and institutionalization

Jin Wensheng's management philosophy believes that all specific work has rules to follow, and performance appraisal should be the ultimate goal. The company improved the assessment organization and assessment methods, assessed according to the completion of sales, efficiency, quality, management, etc., comprehensively promoted the improvement of business indicators and management work, and promoted the improvement of basic management; Strengthen refined quality management, pay close attention to on-site quality monitoring, innovate quality management methods, give full play to the enthusiasm of all staff in quality management, adhere to continuous improvement, and make the product quality widely recognized by users; In the face of the rapidly growing sales scale, we should release the effective production capacity to the greatest extent, carry out the activity of reaching the star level of equipment, enhance the balance of production, relieve the pressure on production capacity, and improve the production pace and labor efficiency

for enterprises, grasping the bull's nose of product innovation can not only effectively solve various bottlenecks that hinder the development of enterprises, but also firmly grasp the core problem of sustainable development. At the beginning of the reorganization, with the support of SINOTRUK, trump first started with optimizing the product structure, adhering to the scientific concept of development, implementing the technology leading strategy, accelerating the transformation and structure adjustment, and successively invested more than 600million yuan to build fully automated production lines such as stamping and welding, so as to improve the process equipment and production capacity. The brand-new plant, production line and robot equipment will push trump to a new development platform. The successful research and development of 7 series light trucks and 717 micro cards and their hot sales in the market have fully completed the market switching of new and old products, injecting infinite hope into ACE companies. The application of new technology, new process and new materials has raised the product to the medium and high-end level. In 2013 alone, it obtained 1 national authorized invention patent, 76 utility model patents, 26 design patents, a total of 105 patents, and won the title of intellectual property advantage cultivation enterprise in Sichuan Province. On December 22, with the completion of 012 new factory and the offline mass production of w5g heavy trucks, a magnificent picture of Trump's going strong was launched

on the basis of implementing the "quality benefit year" of the group company, the ace company breaks down the quality improvement requirements of the headquarters in a multi pronged manner and vigorously implements quality innovation. The cadres and workers are required to unify their thinking and understanding, improve the quality awareness and market crisis sense of the whole staff, and create an atmosphere of strict quality awareness within the enterprise. Carry out special rectification of quality in an all-round way, rectify, improve and improve the process of process design, production organization, outsourcing procurement, product inspection and commodity vehicle departure, and strengthen the quality control of purchased parts to improve the quality stability and reliability of the whole vehicle. At the same time, improve the quality assurance mechanism and establish quality information early warning, feedback and other systems to lay the foundation for enterprises to form core competitiveness and create brands. In 2013, sinotruk trump won the nomination of Chengdu government quality award, the highest quality award in Chengdu, for its excellent quality management, independent innovation ability and market competitiveness performance. However, it is generally believed that Chengdu, a central city with the best entrepreneurial environment, the best living environment and the strongest comprehensive competitiveness in the west, is known as the "heart of the west". A thousand year old Shu Road, half of the Chinese history and long culture, doomed her taste and pursuit

Jinan, a unique charming city integrating "mountain spring, river and Lake City", the development advantages of the eastern coast, coupled with the profound accumulation of Confucian culture, is bold to be first and firm and calm, which is doomed to her courage and sincerity

the mountains are bright with jade, and the water is beautiful with pearls. The interweaving and integration of the two cultures makes a new symphony of development, and history inadvertently completes a thought-provoking narrative

the road to dreams has a long cultural tradition and deep-seated practical reasons. Chengdu people advocate leisure culture, which is quite different from Shandong culture, which is busy and entrepreneurial. At the beginning of the reorganization, the leadership of trump quickly rooted in the advanced corporate culture concept of SINOTRUK, with the spirit of "building high-quality products with personality and contributing to the society with high-quality products"

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