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Localization of equipment manufacturing: Based on bit by bit

China Yizhong has set a new record for the shortest single piece manufacturing cycle of large forged and welded vessels, which has greatly encouraged the industry. In addition to the joy, some insiders pointed out that the large-scale petrochemical equipment has put forward higher requirements for manufacturing enterprises compared with 2017. China is relatively backward in the research and development of basic materials such as high-strength steel plates, which may drag down the whole industry

the concerns of the industry are not unreasonable. The platform of nine floors starts from building soil. Obviously, to realize the localization of major technical equipment, we need to start from every basic material and component

the problems that the industry is worried about are not unique to the petrochemical equipment industry, but also common to the domestic equipment manufacturing industry. Not long ago, at a third-generation nuclear power equipment localization conference, the author heard from insiders that in the process of nuclear power equipment research and development, enterprises pay more attention to the problems of large forgings, but do not pay enough attention to some small parts. At the same time, there is also a shortage of raw materials such as welding materials and plates

in its analysis of the economic operation of the electrical industry in 2009, the China Electrical Industry Association also pointed out that while the localization of power generation and transmission and transformation equipment continues to improve, many important raw materials and basic parts (large castings and forgings of high-power and high parameter power generation equipment, boiler steel plates, special-shaped steel tubes, silicon steel sheets for large transformers, electromagnetic wires, bushings and even transformer oil) still rely on imports, which should be paid attention to, To be resolved

this situation even extends to the machine tool industry known as the industrial mother machine. Machine tool is an industry that provides equipment for the equipment manufacturing industry. It needs a large number of high-precision and high-performance bearings. A domestic machine tool company can produce more than 50000 machine tools a year, and it probably needs hundreds of thousands of bearings a year. However, high-precision bearings can not be solved at home. Import from abroad is not only expensive, but also has a long delivery time. More importantly, bearing performance is directly related to the performance of machine tools

this may become a scar in the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, which people are reluctant to mention. For a long time, we only pay attention to the complete machine, not the basic functional parts. On the surface, it seems that large-scale equipment can be made, but we import them repeatedly on the basis of basic parts. Although these basic parts are not big, they are very valuable. As a result, most of the profits are given to others

there is a story about the heel of Achilles in ancient Greek mythology. Achilles fought bravely, but only because of the seemingly insignificant weakness of the heel, the price fell by 0.1 US dollars/ton compared with the previous trading day, and finally died. Basic materials and basic components are the Achilles heel of China's equipment manufacturing industry. Just as insiders say that the shell and pull rod are made of engineering plastics Ultramid polyamide and ultradur polybutylene terephthalate, which have registered trademarks with BASF, the basic parts are actually the carrier of core technology. If we fail to make technological breakthroughs in basic parts, it means that the core technology is still in the hands of others. Basic components actually determine the development level of this industry

the equipment manufacturing industry has a long chain. Steelmaking, casting, forging, heat treatment and cold processing also involve many aspects such as design, process and management. Only by mastering the internal laws of all links in the industrial chain, paying attention to and encouraging the development of parts and basic materials, and understanding the technical secrets hidden in the machine, can it be possible to build a perfect machine and realize the real localization

for China's equipment manufacturing industry, which is shouldering the important task of localization, a single branch is not a spring, and a thousand flowers are blooming in the garden. We not only need breakthroughs in individual fields, but also need the whole industry to check the improvement of the internal configuration level of the experimental machine when purchasing. Otherwise, if the foundation is not solid, the line will be far away. (zhangzirui)

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