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The fundamental reason for the failure of the machine tool industry lies in accelerating the transformation of scientific research achievements. At present, the development cycle of the equipment manufacturing industry is more complex: overcapacity at the middle and low end has become a difficult problem to solve, technological innovation, especially in the high-end and basic fields, has made few groundbreaking breakthroughs, and the domestic and international markets are depressed, and the labor cost advantage is gradually rising, Under the two-way squeeze of developing countries undertaking industrial transfer at a lower cost and developed countries vigorously revitalizing the manufacturing industry, industrial competition is more brutal

we know that if we stick to the market, we will only be more passive. It is for this consideration that the whole machine tool industry agrees that the only way out is to adjust the structure and speed up the transformation and upgrading

where to change? The answer is yes, seize the mid market, establish full market competitiveness, and make breakthroughs in the high-end market. However, the reality is that despite the support of various special projects, domestic machine tool enterprises have made breakthroughs in some medium and high-end market areas, but they are only a few, and there are few substantive mass production applications

Jin Donghan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, once said that in his exchanges with domestic and foreign innovation companies, he found that there would be two different situations at home and abroad for the situation after the resignation of technical backbones: the domestic project could not be continued because everything was in his mind. In foreign countries, many people will be very happy, which means that the opportunity has come, because the departure of one person will not affect the progress of the project. No matter who takes over, there is a strong backstage support, and this backstage is open and accumulating, and there will be updated things stored at any time

this means that they make everything in the minds of technical personnel explicit. In the face of the resignation of technical backbone, the company can be competent only by changing a person with certain quality to train for a period of time

the best foreign talents are in enterprises. These enterprises will do the work of scientists, increase investment in basic research, have a long-term strategic layout, and consider what products to sell in five or ten years. This is a competitive sustainable development

in contrast, in many industries in China that need long-term accumulation, such as machine tool industry, it usually takes at least five years for an enterprise to train a newly graduated college student to undertake some projects. Therefore, many new foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises often buy ready-made achievements, and even dig people at any cost without principle, rather than cultivate and motivate their own talents and R & D platforms

there are eighteen Arhats in the history of China's machine tool industry. During this period, a large number of Chinese CNC machine tool talents were trained. However, with the full entry of foreign-funded enterprises, many outstanding backbone talents left their original enterprises. The innovative talents in the machine tool industry are in the awkward state of being out of touch. How can we talk about inheritance and innovation! As for the original enterprise, it is not good that the long-term trained talents have become the sharp weapon of competitors

this has formed a vicious circle. Many enterprises are unwilling to plant trees and just want to pick fruits. It has also led to the homogenization of industry technology and serious imitation, forming a situation of low-end scuffle and high-end loss

although the flow of excellent talents among enterprises will promote the improvement of the overall level of the industry, this flow also restricts the speed of technology advancing in depth to a certain extent. After all, the excavated talents do not continue to engage in research, but are in an emergency and need to achieve results in a short and quick manner

personally, the main weakness of the lack of high-end innovation in China's machine tool industry lies in the poor transformation of scientific and technological achievements. This is because the innovation of the industry is not only a matter for enterprises, but also good at mobilizing social resources. There are many excellent universities of science and technology in China, and professors in many universities have scientific research projects, which is a living water for us to attract talents

since the main body of scientific research is in Colleges and universities. Then why did we mention the integration of industry, University and research for many years, but it has not been well promoted

some people use Darwin deadsea to describe the blank area in the process of technology transformation, that is, universities and scientific research institutions lack funds to support R & D, and enterprises are unwilling to take innovation risks because it is difficult to make profits from R & D

there is no doubt that the lack of innovation motivation is closely related to the assessment system. From the perspective of enterprises, the cooperation with colleges and universities is that the enterprise bosses will put forward some unrealistic requirements, hoping that the professor's achievements will soon be able to regularly mass produce the lubrication and maintenance of the bearings, reducers and other parts of the experimental machine, which shows that they pay more attention to the current performance and ignore the long-term benefits

in addition, there are also problems in the assessment of colleges and universities. The assessment of support is mainly related to the number of SCI papers and awards, which has provided a prerequisite for the rapid settlement of large-scale aluminum based new materials projects; The nearly 2million square meters of standardized workshops with various specifications have been built. They pay more attention to the number of papers, and even the extreme situation of dividing an experiment into several papers has occurred. In addition, there is an assessment every year. The frequency of assessment is too high. As a result, professors pursue short and fast projects and are unwilling to get involved in more meaningful projects that take several years to produce results

of course, there are too many specific problems involved, such as assessment, pricing, and what procedures should be adopted to make it legal and compliant. They are all problems in actual operation. In addition, in the process of achievement transformation, how to encourage the flow of achievements under the dual track system of enterprises and undertakings. If these micro problems are not solved, the transformation of achievements will not be able to get through the last mile

in addition, another important work is to establish an information symmetry and open sharing mechanism. After all, science and technology are different from growing vegetables. When scientific research achievements in one field are used in other fields, they may have unexpected cross-border power. For example, the typical Apple company does not have many original ideas, but it will have revolutionary effects by replacing other technologies. Of course, this requires professional institutions to do this with a professional perspective. If information symmetry and knowledge superposition are realized, new achievements will appear

wax, etc.

it should be said that at this moment, many domestic scientific research institutions urgently need to sort out the results and take them out first. Maybe you can't push the direction you want to promote, and it may be useful in other places

after all, scientific and technological achievements are popsicles, not BRICs. The gold brick will appreciate when you hold it in your hand, and the popsicle will melt when you put it in your hand. If popsicles don't melt, they need to be put in the refrigerator for patent protection

therefore, scientific and technological achievements should not be treated as physical assets. Don't care if they are cheap or expensive at the moment. They are valuable only when they are used

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