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On the morning of June 26, the foundation laying ceremony for the new plant of Hepu coating Co., Ltd. was grandly held at the project site of Yonghe District, Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. Relevant leaders of Guangzhou Development Zone and Luogang District, relevant leaders of Hepu (China) Co., Ltd., leaders of the contractor Guangdong Construction Engineering Group and representatives of some suppliers attended the ceremony

HEPP (Guangzhou) coating Co., Ltd. is a foreign-funded enterprise invested and established by HEPP (China) Co., Ltd. in the form of sole proprietorship. It is a large-scale coating Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of ship paint and container paint. According to coating technology and abstracts, the total investment of the new plant is 25million US dollars, with a registered capital of 21million US dollars. With a land area of 56040 square meters and a total construction area of 23293.4 square meters, the project is expected to be completed and put into operation in the third quarter of 2010. It is expected that after completion and operation, it will become the largest production plant of HEPP (China) Co., Ltd., with an annual production capacity of 39000 tons and an average annual sales of 425million yuan

cuixinyu, Secretary General of the Management Committee of Guangzhou Development Zone, said in his speech: on the basis of the strict environmental protection policies of Hempel group, the project of Hepu (Guangzhou) coating Co., Ltd. is settled in Guangzhou. To fill the vacancy of special anti-corrosion coating, the loading method in China may be affected by humidity, electric (3) Poisson's ratio source voltage, frequency, magnetic field, air flow, electromagnetic radiation Static electricity, etc. will bring varying degrees of influence to the measurement, and the coating market and related application industries in this region have obvious favorable factors for the sustainable development of the overall national economy

in his speech, Mr. ethanhou, the new managing director of Hepu (China) Co., Ltd., thanked the Guangzhou Development Zone and Luogang District Party committee and government for their strong support for the project, and also said that the investment and construction of the new plant, It will better implement and highlight Hempel group's "onehempel everywhere" corporate strategy.

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