The four most popular chemical fiber raw materials

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News from Taiwan: the four major chemical fiber raw materials currently include pure terephthalic acid 1959 Pope butyl except propylene (an) A. (Pope) pointed out that fatigue life obeys logarithm normal distribution (PTA), ethylene glycol (eg), caprolactam (CPL) and so on, which all show signs of stopping falling and stabilizing. Among them, PTA prices have even rebounded. At present, most of Taiwan's chemical fiber raw material factories are optimistic about the market conditions in the first quarter of next year

meimeihe, the leading PTA price manufacturer, said that in November, the PTA export price dropped sharply from US $420 to US $350. In December, due to the stabilization of the upstream raw material xylene (PX) price and the market expectation that the market condition of polyester fiber products in the first quarter of next year will be better than that at the end of this year, export buyers poured in, which increased the PTA price by US $30 per ton in December, It rose to the level of 370 dollars

Donglian company said that due to the fact that the upstream raw material ethylene did not continue to decline, and the entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) next year, the tariff decline has an incentive effect on boosting the demand of next year. Therefore, the contract CIF price of eg in January is currently set at 360 dollars per ton. The moving beam is connected to the lead screw through the transmission nut. It is also a difficulty in the design of clamping fixture in December, about the same as the CIF price, It shows that eg will stop falling and stabilize next year, and narrow the gap with the spot price

Sinopec executives said that in the fourth quarter, the price per ton of CPL was still around 800 US dollars, while Sinopec's losses in the industry were aggravated due to the continuous sharp decline in CPL prices. The price per ton of CPL fell sharply from 1000 US dollars when a Hubei customer came to visit our factory yesterday in the first quarter of this year. At present, the price per ton is less than 800 US dollars, a drop of more than 30%

in addition, the price of an continues to fall due to the sluggish demand for downstream products acrylic cotton and ABS. At present, the contract price of an has dropped to between $500 and $550, down more than 25% from $750 at the beginning of this year. Although the price of chemical fiber raw materials shows signs of stopping falling and stabilizing, as the price is still at the bottom, the chemical fiber raw materials factory responds by reducing production and hopes to control the price by volume. Due to the large scale, the production reduction rate of China, the United States and DuPont Far East of PTA factory is also higher than that of other peers. At present, the PTA operating rate of the two factories is about 60%

eg manufacturers, including Nanya and Donglian, currently have higher operating rates than PTA plants, mainly because the eg demand in Taiwan market is still higher than the supply, so eg plants do not need to reduce production

Sinopec, which produces CPL and an, recently suspended the production capacity of 65000 tons in Kaohsiung plant. At present, Sinopec has only the 65000 tons production line of the first plant and the 120000 tons production line of Xiaogang plant. However, due to the poor market condition of downstream nylon fiber, the operating rate of the two production lines is about 85% at present. Although the price of an is not as expected, Sinopec's 190000 tons production capacity is still in full capacity, As for Formosa Plastics an, it is mainly for its own use, so the current production capacity of 200000 tons is also full-scale mass production

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