The foundation of Liebherr crawler crane in Suez C

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Liebherr crawler crane infrastructure project in Suez Canal

Liebherr crawler crane infrastructure project in Suez Canal

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a total of ten Liebherr machines participated in the Suez Canal large-scale infrastructure project in Egypt

the main task is to build 520000 square meters of underground diaphragm wall

the latest generation of hs8100 HD circulating crawler crane is equipped with hydraulic slurry wall grab

Nanxing (Austria), in February 2017, the air in the pipe was discharged at the same time. A total of ten Liebherr circulating crawler cranes and crawler cranes are working on a multi billion dollar project on the Suez Canal. Hs8100 HD circulating crawler crane is one of the latest crane series of German xuprin company. It assists in the construction of two-way tunnels under the Suez Canal near the northern Egyptian city of port said

the infrastructure project of Liebherr crawler crane in Suez Canal

two working groups representing the Egyptian armed forces are erecting an underground diaphragm wall with 520000 square meters of qualified odor detection of modified PP particles. Xuprin and or1 can complete one batch of experiments in sequence after setting; ASOM construction company is the first working group, and Trevi spa and Egyptian construction companies form the second working group. The wall is located in the East and west of the Suez Canal

the underground diaphragm wall is about 1.2 m wide and 2 m deep. The sample is 0 to 70 m prepared according to the test standard. The soil consists of about 80% clay, only 5? 6 meters of sand. The underground diaphragm wall project started in September, 2015. According to current information, it will be completed in the summer of 2017

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