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On April 22, 2019, Liufu fingerprint anti-theft lock and Yunnan anbai construction and installation Co., Ltd. held the "5g era Liufu intelligent Kunming seminar" for the first time in Kunming

on April 22, 2019, Liufu fingerprint anti-theft lock and Yunnan anbai construction and installation Co., Ltd. held the "5g era Liufu intelligent Kunming seminar" for the first time in Kunming

on the day of the seminar, President Li of the provincial building and decoration materials industry association, president an of Liufu, chief training teacher Peng, President Deng of, leaders of Kunming hardware company, special guests, top ten outstanding young Wang Baobao, a model of the times, as well as the mainstream media in the province (today's headlines, UC browsing, Sina Weibo, fangtianxia, Sina home Kunming station, etc.) and hundreds of dealers in various States participated in and witnessed

the times are constantly changing, and the business model and products are constantly evolving. In the 21st century, artificial intelligence has become a mainstream, and 5g has been coming towards us. Everyone will participate in witnessing the new chapter of smart home lock industry in the 5g era

Hu Lin, head of Liufu fingerprint anti-theft lock Kunming Office, said that the current market environment has changed very fast, but we will continue to do one thing well, as always, that is to sell a lock well. Cultivate more professional smart locks and smart home service personnel to make life better! Combined with the current trend, the general trend, professional lock, professional smart lock! Hu Lin also said that we have a team like wolves, the best products, the best services, and the installation culture of anbai, which is to cultivate more professional smart locks and smart home service personnel, so as to make life better

he has been selling locks for 30 years, and wants to do it as a career. He hopes that after 30 years, Liufu intelligent anti-theft lock will still guard every family, and it is also very safe and anti-theft

president an, the founder of Liufu, systematically and professionally explained the background and history of the industry development, as well as the birth, positioning and objectives of Liufu fingerprint lock to all guests on the scene. President an said that since the establishment of Liufu, we have been very clear-minded to realize that only innovation can make enterprises competitive. Only by adhering to independent creation can enterprises have value for existence. At the current stage, differentiated competitive products, service trademarks, quasi services, online and offline integration will become an inevitable competitive trend

president an introduced in detail the differences between Liufu fingerprint anti-theft lock and industry products. She believed that fingerprint anti-theft lock should have both mechanical firmness and firmness, technological coolness and experience, as well as modern lines and humanistic dialogue. Defining a good product is far from being able to use, look similar, and look good. President an shared the design language of Liufu xiaomanyao and Plato, so that the partners attending the meeting had a further understanding of the differences of Liufu

president an shared the channels and current situation of smart locks. Dealers have experienced preliminary attempts in product screening, channel construction and terminal promotion in the process of industry development, and have paid more or less tuition fees in varying degrees. Consumers also began to have a more reasonable understanding and judgment of smart locks. In the key competitive stage of industry development, dealers need to judge with rational thinking, Promote the marketing of the region with strong execution and team, and become a regional brand service provider

President Li of the provincial building decoration materials industry association said that traditional models and products can no longer meet the needs of contemporary consumers. Now, the income of consumers has increased, the consumption concept has improved, and the quality of life is required to be higher. For products, consumers pay more attention to environmental protection and intelligence. Then, in the next time, intelligent products will be more and more close to life. No matter how intelligent products develop online, they must ultimately rely on and land in physical stores. In this way, consumers can not only see and understand, but also experience in person and get more intuitive information and experience

with good things, how to sell them? Teacher Peng, a famous teacher, brought a special speech on "home building materials - the way to a new deal" to the scene. First, teacher Peng introduced and analyzed some current situations to the scene. Peng said that 2018, which has just passed, was a very sluggish year for the home building materials industry, and the building materials industry faced greater challenges in 2019

because the current technology, thinking, new things are progressing and updating too fast, and the national market regulation and policy changes have made the market unable to keep up with this pace. Then, according to these, we can only change the existing and traditional business model; Improve the quality and appearance of products; Strengthen personal and team marketing professional skills; Improve service items and provide considerate services to consumers in an all-round way; Be able to follow the trend, know how to take advantage of the situation, etc... based on these points, it is not a problem to clinch a deal, improve performance, income, or develop an enterprise or company. In the next market environment, it will always make their own enterprises or companies not subject to too much volatility, but make themselves in the rising stage. So as to achieve our goals

we media is the most active product at present. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Deng, the head of, shared the theme speech of "We Media Application" to the scene. He shared the sales experience of Liufu fingerprint lock on, which was dry everywhere. We media has become a trend and a new marketing means. In this era of fan economy, how to make good use of our media promotion and how to make good use of our media rapid sales, share with us how to use our media. President Deng said that at present, the development of science and technology has exceeded the cognition of a large number of people, and the speed of product upgrading has exceeded the speed of a large number of people receiving information. We need to know more, faster and more professionally about a country, a city, an industry, a product, and even a small part. We must make rational and standardized use of our existing tools. From big data centers to mobile phones we contact every day. As long as we make reasonable use of it, it will also make the small become larger and refined. If everyone can make reasonable use of it, then business will not be so difficult, income will be more and more, and self-worth will be more reflected

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