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Don't put a mirror in the bedroom directly opposite to the bed, and the chair in the study should be backed by the wall... Now, some people are superstitious about "geomantic omen". Not only developers need to see "geomantic omen" when selecting sites to build houses, but also some ordinary people need to ask geomantic omens for "guidance" when decorating houses. Even, there have been some decoration companies with the signboard of "Feng Shui decoration". What's the mystery in this? The reporter launched an investigation with various questions

hearing that "Mr. Feng Shui" spent more and wronged money

Mr. Liu, who was decorating his new house and preparing to get married, became preoccupied because he consulted "Mr. Feng Shui"

"at that time, my house was half installed, and the electricians and bricklayers were all finished. When my friend came, he said that it was very popular to watch 'feng shui' now, and I'll find someone to see it for you..." Mr. Feng Shui shook his head while looking at it after entering the house: "the layout of your house is not good, and it will definitely affect your husband and wife's life in the future, so it must be changed, and it must be greatly changed." "Mr. Feng Shui" stirred Mr. Liu up for several days. "At that time, my fiancee was right next to me. As soon as she heard 'feng shui' say that the house affected my marriage, she said that she wanted me to reinstall everything. I had to dismantle it just after the installation, and it was ruined..." after moving the toilet and changing the kitchen, Mr. Liu spent at least 50000 yuan more

the reporter found in the investigation that in order to change "Feng Shui", many people spend more money

many decoration companies are equipped with "feng shui masters"

because of the market, many home decoration companies find "feng shui masters". As soon as the customer came to the door, the staff vigorously lobbied: "the designer will measure you, and the 'feng shui master' will design the layout of 'feng shui' for you, so as to ensure the luck of your family."

according to the introduction, in addition to the normal decoration cost, this "Feng Shui decoration" will charge another 20 yuan per square meter. So how will "feng shui masters" decorate consumers' houses? A store manager of a decoration company said, "it depends on what you ask for. For example, if you want to ask for peace, you will have the same layout, and if you ask for something else, it will be the same. It's similar to fortune telling. If you ask for something different, the layout will be different, depending on what you want to 'prosper'."

seeing the reporter's skepticism about "Feng Shui decoration", the staff also told the reporter several "examples" to prove the superstition they preached: those who believe in "Feng Shui" turn good luck into bad luck, and vice versa. "Young man, if your house is decorated, can you find someone who looks at 'feng shui'?" When the reporter asked a staff member of a decoration company, he got such an answer: "no, what's the use of looking for that! If I'm comfortable with decoration, how can I come!"

it seems that the theory of "Feng Shui" is also controversial within the decoration company

"Fengshui store" belongs to illegal operation

is it legal to operate "Fengshui decoration"? A staff member of the registration administration guidance office of Liaoning Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce explained: "The Department of industry and Commerce has a clear attitude towards this issue. Our department of industry and Commerce resolutely refuses to approve the application procedures for activities related to 'feng shui' or superstition. There is no enterprise in the province that is allowed to engage in 'feng shui' related business projects. The Department of industry and Commerce will investigate and deal with the 'feng shui stores' that appear in the society.

Feng Anxiang, Secretary General of Liaoning Consumer Association, reminds consumers: "If you don't even have a legal business license, I think this way of operation is questionable."

playing under the guise of "Feng Shui" is only to make money

although the business activities related to "Feng Shui" are strictly prohibited by the industrial and commercial department, the "Feng Shui" mascot is quietly warming up in many retail industries in Shenyang. The reporter visited many flower markets in the city, and some cactus plants were named "golden tiger" and "seven star high light". The flower vendor said that these flowers have special functions: "this thing has a saying, zhenzhai. Those with thorns zhenzhai." The reporter asked how these flowers could control the house and ward off evil spirits, but they couldn't say why, but said that these statements were spread from wholesalers

"the flower seller said that if you believe, the flower seller will make some auspicious words for you. It's like a fortune tree, whose name can't be found in books." In response to the unfounded superstitious propaganda of individual businesses, the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Consumer Association said that he hoped consumers would keep their eyes open

don't exaggerate the role of "Feng Shui"

what is "Feng Shui"? Qi Shoucheng, a researcher and folklorist at Shenyang Museum of literature and history, said that the essence of "Feng Shui" is a knowledge that human beings choose to be conducive to the living environment. "In fact, the so-called 'geomantic omen' good places in the ancients generally have mountains and water. Such an environment, air, temperature, humidity and other natural conditions are suitable for human habitation. People will naturally be better physically and emotionally if they live in this natural and harmonious environment for a long time. In order to achieve commercial purposes, some businessmen exaggerated the role of 'geomantic omen' and mixed with many non scientific things such as heaven, earth, ghosts and gods, which attracted people to superstition Track, this is sad. The vast majority of people do not understand the original meaning of 'feng shui'. What they want is psychological comfort or a kind of psychological influence. In fact, no matter how good 'feng shui' is, it only creates external conditions. The fate and development of people still depend on their own efforts. "

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1 There are few people living in the house:

if the house is too big but there are only oneortwo people living in it, the popularity of the family will be insufficient, so the anger of the family will become worse and worse, and the family will become worse and worse

2. The throne does not see the sun:

the ancestral tablet in the family represents the mistress, and the divine tablet represents the prosperity of the male master and the whole family. If the ancestral tablet of the heirs and gods is in the room where the sun does not see, it will lead to the decline of the momentum in the home and the decline of the family

3. Withered trees in the courtyard:

the courtyard is not cleaned up, and weeds are overgrown, and even the trees are withered, which will lead to the decline of the family and affect the momentum of everyone in the family

4. Roof weeds:

the roof can absorb sunlight, which can turn evil spirits. If the roof of the home is not cleaned, it will affect the absorption of sunlight, which will lead to the lack of Yang in the home and the decline of family fortune

5. Big inside small:

the large door is out of proportion to the interior. Such a geomantic pattern will make the air enter the house, but it can't be retained, and eventually make the momentum of the home decay

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