The space is like a dancing spirit, 60000 decorati

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Abstract: the dancing fashion space design, like the night elf, rotates in the light tone of light and shadow. Designers look for inspiration in the dance and breathe the breath of fashion. In this case, space is like a dancing spirit

decoration area: 99 square meters

decoration style: Modern and simple

decoration house type: 2 rooms and 2 halls

decoration cost: 60000

Grand Marshal craftsman's workshop

Impressionist floor paintings, soft porch processing, flexible colors and light shapes of the picture have become the soul of dancing in the space

the activity area extends to the pure functional sofa area. The blue fabric sofa is suitable for the decorative paintings with gradient colors and symbol graphics, which is trendy and fashionable; And the diamond wood floor with fine wood strips and the refreshing and elegant striped Roman curtain continue the smart elements of space





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