Xindi Jiamei ecological door maintenance tips

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In order to maintain the luster and long service life of the ecological door forever, we should take care and maintain it carefully in the process of daily use

it is understood that the ecological door is prone to deformation, cracking, deformation, and paint peeling under thermal expansion and contraction, violent storms, or other external forces. Therefore, care should be taken in the process of use, so that the luster of the whole door can be kept as bright as new and long life forever. So how should we maintain the ecological gate in our daily life

1. The main maintenance of the wooden door. When removing the stains on the surface of the wooden door, wipe it with a soft cotton cloth, and it is easy to scratch the surface with the hard part. When the stain is too heavy, you can use neutral detergent, toothpaste or special detergent for furniture, and then dry wipe it with cotton cloth after removing the stain

2. Hinges and locks are movable accessories, which should be tightened immediately in case of looseness. Pay attention to the noise at the hinge position in time. When the lock is opened, it is not flexible. Add an appropriate amount of pencil lead foam to the key, and do not fill oil casually, because the oil is easy to absorb dust, and it will only make the lock more inconvenient to open again and again

3. Because the wood has the characteristics of dry shrinkage and wet expansion, under the condition of high temperature and humidity, slight deformation and shrinkage occasionally occur. This is a normal natural phenomenon, and there is no need to panic. With seasonal changes, this phenomenon will disappear naturally

4. In order to maintain the bright color of the wooden door, it should be regularly waxed for maintenance

5. Do not hang heavy things on the door, which will seriously damage the quality of hardware accessories such as hinges




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