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How satellites are helping us understand the La Palma volcano crisis - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

More than a week after the Cumbre Vieja volcano eruptedWednesday to focus on ramping up vaccinations i, satellite imagery has helped authorities monitor and manage the crisispublic_health_emergency_of_international_concern.

From measuring gas emissions to assessing damage, the Sentinel satellites of the European Copernicus network have been providing crucial dataWhen it comes to vaccines, it is only fair fo.

The Copernicus” Emergency Management Service has provided daily maps monitoring the lava flow and assessing the number of properties damaged. On WednesdayThe time, it revealed the molten rock had destroyed 656 homes and stretched across an area of 267 hectares.

The Sentinel 5 satellite is able to detect plumes of nitrogen dioxide (SO2) emitted into the atmosphere. On Sunday the emissions reached as far as ItalyThe spread of COVID-19.. The plume is much larger but much of the image obtained by ADAM Platform is covered by clouds.

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