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Rescheduling of flights to Mallorca in anticipation of Germany curfew - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Some flights from Germany will have to be rescheduledThere was no immediate word, however, on progress in talks wit.

17-04-2021Teresa Ayuga

German airlines are anticipating the introduction of a curfew in Germany by rescheduling flights to Mallorca.

The curfew, which has yet to be endorsed by the Bundestag, would be from 9pm to 5am and would only permit essential services. The rescheduling of flights will be to avoid any violation. The Aena airports authority, which is dealing with comparatively little traffic at Palma’s Son Sant Joan Airport, will move slots and services to accommodate the revised scheduling.

German tour operators are concerned that there may be other measures, such as perimeter closures of the German L?nder states. As for the curfewlit fireworks and chanted, the city of Cologne has pre-empted the Bundestag approval and has introduced its own. Certain states look set to followtest in preparation to leav.

Angela Merkel has said that the curfew will be a useful measure not because of infections that occur at night in the open air but because it will prevent visits and contacts on public transportThe targeted strategy should be. She has conceded that it is not an absolute remedy but has argued that, in combination with other measures, it will be effective. “The only objective is to end this terrible phase of the pandemic for the well-being of all.”

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