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Cloud communication, the eight most popular technology industries in 2016, is detonating a hot spot in the market with an average annual growth rate of 60%. In the near future, cloud computing service providers may replace traditional IT manufacturers. Hybrid cloud, which combines public cloud services, private cloud services and physical application infrastructure and services, is the way to the future; Cloud service economy will occupy an important strategic position; Cloud friendly decision-making framework is the top priority of enterprises; The application design must be optimized for the cloud; Future data centers need to adopt the implementation mode of cloud service providers

cloud communication is a branch of the concept of cloud computing. It is a new communication method that communicates through the existing local area or Internet lines, rather than through the traditional PSTN lines. In the era of rapid changes in ADSL broadband, optical fiber, 3G, 4G and other high-speed data networks, cloud communication has brought new development opportunities to traditional telecom operators. Through the corresponding cloud communication applications, the traditional PC web browser can realize the real-time interconnection of multimedia data with various new intelligent terminals such as iPhone, Android and so on. Nowadays, almost all basic network operators are targeting the network data traffic market. With the continuous development of the pipeline trend of operators, cloud communication related applications, as one of the important sources of data traffic, are bound to lead a new wave of IT industry and economic development

the Ninth Five Year Plan cloud code is one of the first telecom value-added service providers to apply cloud communication in China. It strives to build an online self-service enterprise SMS platform. The way of lightweight smart client replaces the traditional weight software, and uses remote background server to transmit communication data

three new features of Jiuwu cloud code cloud communication SMS platform:

first, cross platform: with the cross platform feature of web technology, cloud communication applications based on this feature can naturally obtain this feature

second, it is easy to use and popular: there is no need for cumbersome downloading, installation and endless upgrading of traditional software. The upgrading of cloud communication applications is as simple as the user refreshing the road browser

third, light weight, green: cloud communication gives users a fresh and light use environment, makes computers faster again, and completely bid farewell to the era of turtle speed boot

excellent cloud communication technology cannot be completed by a simple c/s architecture. If all communication data must be transferred through the server, the cost of cloud communication will become uncontrollable and inefficient. Fortunately, some of the world's top companies have made breakthroughs in this issue, allowing instant video and voice calls, which occupy high network bandwidth, to be directly connected through sockets in user devices, while cloud communication servers can be used to maintain the connection between peers, thus greatly reducing the cost of servers and broadband. Therefore, Jiuwu cloud code cloud communication reflects its unique advantages in the market price, and brings a new instant messaging solution to small and medium-sized enterprises

Jiuwu cloud code cloud communication is the evolution of traditional instant messaging software in the cloud computing era. Traditional instant messaging software is based on the old software client thinking. In today's Internet + era, there are obviously many problems. For example, privacy disclosure, local computer viruses, Trojan theft and other problems have greatly troubled users of traditional instant messaging software. According to the rumor, the use of traditional instant messaging is complex, and the time cost of downloading, installing, upgrading and learning is large. The installer downloads repeatedly and cannot be updated in real time. Cross platform use is difficult, and the above repeated development applications of different systems (windows, Mac OSX, Linux, IOS, Android, etc.). The nine five cloud code cloud communication takes SaaS as an important part of the concept of cloud computing technology, which turns the traditional software installation into a service directly provided to users. Most SaaS choose the web browser as its carrier, so users do not need any download and installation, but only need to open the browser and enter the corresponding address to use the powerful cloud communication service. The update operation is completed in the cloud, and users can refresh the page to update in real time. The web provides a unique advantage for cross platform. In view of the support of all web browsers for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the cross platform problem can also be solved easily. Because of the extensive use of web technology in SaaS applications, cloud communication has become very lightweight, allowing users to completely get rid of the endless entanglement of traditional client software. At the same time, it is protected by the forbidden encryption means and HTTPS underlying transmission, Local viruses will not be able to affect user data in the cloud, making communication more secure

Jiuwu cloud code has opened API documents, which simplifies the operation process. SMS sending/checking can be the direction of the future. The inquiry interface is clear at a glance on the station. Common parameters, request parameters, response parameters, request examples, response examples, error codes, and so on. The code program has been written and packaged. Just follow the step flow. 1. Check whether the joint of the oil circuit system is tightened for use. Download the packaging file and use it directly, even if the technology is not 5.6 percentage points higher than the industrial added value of national industrial enterprises, it can be operated quickly. Full support for Java and PHP, free SDK download, full page self-service operation, eliminating the trouble of client installation

nine five cloud code cloud communication is becoming the mainstream of the times, and the consumerization of demand is the main driving force for the coming era of cloud communication; The enhancement of user experience and the improvement of seamless mobility have completely changed the equipment, communication methods and communication places used by people; As a popular phenomenon, social media also defines a new way of communication. The flexible deployment of modern communication technology allows people to choose their favorite communication distribution and consumption; Finally, reliability and security are also the reasons for the trust of cloud applications from enterprise customers to ordinary consumers

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