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Highlight policy advantages Chongqing will build high-end equipment Industrial Park

highlight policy advantages Chongqing will build high-end equipment Industrial Park

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Guide: in order to deal with these simple raw data only through the introduction of software, the whole machine enterprise will drive the development of parts, improve the machine tool manufacturing level, provide mother machines for high-end equipment, and improve the manufacturing level of the whole Chongqing, Chongqing will plan a 2200 Mu high-end equipment Industrial Park in Banan Industrial Park. 1、 Policy advantages are prominent, and the country continues to promote western

in order to promote the development of parts and components, improve the manufacturing level of machine tools, provide machine tools for high-end equipment, and improve the manufacturing level of the whole Chongqing, the following points are mainly divided, Chongqing will plan a 2200 Mu high-end packaging Industrial Park in Banan District, which will be prepared by the innovative scientific research team of advanced electronic packaging materials led by Academician Wang Zhengping and researcher sun Rong of the advanced materials research center of Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

first, prominent policy advantages

the country continues to promote the western development strategy. Chongqing has not only national preferential policies such as value-added tax transformation, but also special preferential policies such as western development, municipalities directly under the central government, urban and rural reform and development, follow-up support policies for the Three Gorges Reservoir area, Liangjiang New Area, Lianglu Cuntan bonded port area and Xiyong comprehensive bonded area. It is the region with the most enriched policies in the western region

According to statistics, 70% of China's annual industrial investment is used to purchase equipment. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Chongqing industry will invest a total of 2trillion yuan, and it is expected that 1.4trillion yuan will be used to purchase equipment; At the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the output value of Chongqing's strategic emerging industries will exceed 1.5 trillion yuan. As a machine tool, the demand for "high-end CNC machine tools" has great potential

III. good industrial foundation

four advantageous manufacturing industries dominated by complete sets of electrical equipment, CNC machine tools, electronic products communication equipment, shipbuilding industry, etc; It has cultivated six categories of key products, mainly including rail transit equipment, complete sets of wind power energy equipment, construction engineering machinery, molds, complete sets of medical equipment, high-quality materials, etc. It has formed an industrial system of equipment manufacturing industry with a considerable scale, and has become an important pillar industry in the national economic development of Chongqing and an important modern equipment manufacturing base in China. There are outstanding advantages in R & D and production of basic parts and components for equipment manufacturing

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