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Polenghi produces a low-carbon beverage bottle

polenghi produces a low-carbon beverage bottle packaging, the newly launched ecological series bio organic lemon juice, Minnesota, USA and San ROC El Porto, Italy news Polenghi LAS and Ingeo biomaterial manufacturer NatureWorks, Italy announced that Polenghi Las developed the first extruded blow molded biological beverage bottle in Europe using a new Ingeo mixture formula. Ingeo biomaterials are made from denipe: high-precision medical catheter and TPE particles, renewable plant resources rather than oil

by converting the petroleum based polyolefin raw materials used in the original production into Ingeo biomaterials to manufacture 10 million equivalent new ecological organic lemon juice beverage bottles, Polenghi will save 1000 barrels of crude oil and reduce 126 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Polenghi's research and development achievements show the first commercial application of low-carbon and environmental protection, which is successfully launched in Europe, using renewable biomaterials to replace polyolefin raw materials to extrude blow molding bottles. Compared with the price volatility of the oil market, this biomaterial can provide a relatively stable price

polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are polyolefin materials often used in extrusion blow molding production process, which are used to make soft squeeze plastic bottles for food and personal care products. From the perspective of resin production process, the production of Ingeo biomaterials can reduce the release of carbon dioxide by 38% and energy consumption by 45% compared with the production of low-density polyethylene resin with the same weight. Compared with polypropylene resin, the production of Ingeo bioplastics can reduce the release of carbon dioxide by 31.6% and reduce energy consumption by 42%

this ecological beverage bottle is the first in Europe. We are very proud of the technological achievements of this low-carbon ecological bottle. Marco Polenghi, sales director of Polenghi LAS, said: the shrink film of the whole beverage bottle and bottle body is made of renewable Ingeo biomaterials, which gives us a good business opportunity to highlight our bio ecological organic lemon juice

in the past two years, we have seen the continuous expansion and improvement of the application of Ingeo products in the production process of injection molding and high temperature vacuum molding. Marc Verbruggen, President and CEO of NatureWorks, said: with the innovative Ingeo mixture formula, Polenghi provides a better choice for the application of extrusion blow molding products that can replace polyolefin materials with low carbon emissions and low energy consumption

Polenghi's organic lemon juice ecological series packaged in biological bottles has now been sold in Italy, and is expected to be launched in retail stores in Europe soon. The lookbook regularly published by NatureWorks contains information about other new bio based products, but there is a tendency of stress cracking. You can also query more information about Ingeo bioplastics products that use renewable plant resources to promote the construction of innovation platforms rather than oil. On the premise of not damaging the ability of the earth's sustainable development, NatureWorks is committed to meeting the needs of today's world. NatureWorks is the first company to provide commercialized how to adjust parameters to meet the cycle time requirements and realize the production of a series of low-carbon footprint polymers. It uses 100% annual renewable plant resources as raw materials, and its cost and function are comparable to those of plastics and fibers made of petrochemical raw materials. More information, Polenghi, founded in 1976, is a family business with four factories in Europe. Its business scope includes food and fruit juice processing. Polenghi has been committed to environmental protection. In addition to using solar panels to generate 150KW of environmental energy per hour, Polenghi also uses 100% of the annual renewable resources (Ingeo) to manufacture beverage bottles. The products are exported to 50 countries around the world, and its lemon juice is a leading brand in Europe

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