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Summary of the closing market of major domestic futures products

today, domestic industrial futures rose, and precious metals fell. China's official PMI is better than market expectations, supporting industrial products. However, the improvement of U.S. economic data has increased market expectations for the Federal Reserve to reduce the scale of bond purchases in advance, putting pressure on precious metals. Data released by HSBC China today showed that the seasonally adjusted HSBC China purchasing manager index (PMI) in May was 49.2, the lowest level in eight months, with an initial value of 49.6. Quhongbin, chief economist of HSBC China, analyzed that the final reduction of HSBC manufacturing PMI in May showed that manufacturing activities further slowed down slightly at the end of May due to weak domestic demand. The deviation between HSBC and the official manufacturing data has also increased the cautious mentality of the market, so we see that the rise of industrial products is weak today. There are many important economic data and economic events this week, from which the market will seek new guidance. The RBA, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank will successively announce their monthly interest rate decisions, and Europe and the United States will release important economic data, of which the U.S. non farm data is the most important; In addition, the Fed beige book and many Fed officials' biocompatibility refers to the body's immune system's response and tolerance to foreign bodies. The speech of the staff will also attract investors' attention. In terms of heavy economic data, the United States has ism manufacturing, non manufacturing PMI, durable goods, industrial orders, Challenger enterprise layoffs, ADP employment population changes, initial unemployment benefits, and finally the most important non-agricultural employment population changes and unemployment rate data. In Europe, there are the revised GDP of the euro zone, the purchasing managers' index (PMI) of the euro zone and countries, German manufacturing orders, German industrial output high-precision double connecting rod adjustable crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, etc. the quality of these data may directly affect the expected judgment of market investors

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