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Viewpoint: integrating traditional Chinese medicine into basic necessities of life, will the upcoming traditional Chinese medicine coating become a dark horse in the industry

viewpoint - will the upcoming traditional Chinese medicine coating become a dark horse in the industry when traditional Chinese medicine is integrated into basic necessities of life

March 23, 2020

according to Guangzhou reports, on March 21, the 49th epidemic prevention and control briefing in Guangzhou was held in Taigu huifangsuo bookstore. Li Chuyuan, chairman of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, Wang Shaoqiang, director of Guangdong Art Museum, Mao Jihong, chairman of Fangsuo, and relevant experts and scholars shared the new path of cross-border integration of excellent traditional culture represented by traditional Chinese medicine, and from the perspective of culture, art, science and technology, Explore how to create a healthy lifestyle while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control

Chinese and foreign paint weekly noted that Li Chuyuan, chairman of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, said that the epidemic had a great impact on the global economy, but the epidemic, such as the health concept brought by data editing, would stimulate new industrial development. Through the cross-border cooperation between traditional Chinese medicine and many industries, forming consumption fashion and providing people with a new healthy lifestyle is a new path for the development of traditional Chinese medicine. At present, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group has carried out a number of cooperation and exploration around traditional Chinese medicine and fashion, trying to integrate traditional Chinese medicine into the public "basic necessities of life". In terms of "8. Equipment adopts German Siemens S7 (2) 00 series PLC to design control system clothes", Guangzhou Pharmaceutical has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with exceptional fashion group and Fangsuo culture group last week, and plans to research and develop a variety of traditional Chinese medicine clothing products. In terms of "food", many product innovations have been carried out around the "fashion of traditional Chinese medicine", such as adding lotus leaves to milk tea to form a more clear and moist taste of milk tea, as well as new ways of eating mixed with herbal tea popsicles and Rosa roxburghii moon cakes. In terms of "travel", we will discuss the cross-border cooperation of "traditional Chinese medicine and automobile" with GAC group, and will build the world's first healthy car integrating traditional Chinese medicine products and concepts through the research and development of on-board traditional Chinese medicine fragrance health care technology

in the aspect of "living", we actively research and develop traditional Chinese medicine pillows, jewelry, eye masks and other household products with exception and Fang Institute; At the same time, actively explore the development of "traditional Chinese medicine coatings" to integrate traditional Chinese medicine into real estate decoration

the cross-border research and development of "traditional Chinese medicine coating" by Fang Suo and the laboratory has attracted the attention of some people in the coating industry. Is "traditional Chinese medicine coating" really a new concept

according to maojihong, the founder of the Institute of regenerative medicine and health, in the future, we will cooperate with the Guangdong Provincial Laboratory of regenerative medicine and health, and we should also consider whether the oil is too thin and dirty to use the most cutting-edge scientific research achievements in cleaning and protective materials, and apply them to functional clothing products, household products, sports and health products. This material is a photosensitive coating, which can kill more than 99% of bacteria through the action of light

Zhao Zhongpeng, a senior industry observer of Chinese and foreign paint weekly, believes that "traditional Chinese medicine paint" is not a new concept. In fact, it is very similar to the antibacterial and antibacterial coatings launched by many enterprises, such as Kansai, bards, Chenyang, Chenguang and meitushi in Japan. Garberry has participated in the formulation of the standard of antibacterial finishing materials for hospitals. As a function of paint, "traditional Chinese medicine paint" can only focus on whether it is more powerful and endowed with more functions. Otherwise, it is unlikely to become a dark horse

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