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For Cisco small offices, how can we achieve cost-effective network deployment

some Cisco sites belong to offices with small area or short-term lease, and the number of employees and equipment in the office is not suitable for adopting a complete branch network solution. In these offices, we use Cisco Meraki equipment to realize network access, which provides us with a cost-effective connection solution. It is not only simple to deploy the epoxy adhesive for fast 135 dry hanging stone curtain wall, but also can be managed through the intelligent management platform. Cisco it plans to deploy Meraki at about 100 sites around the world to achieve network connectivity

at present, we have designed two solution configurations according to the number of users and devices to be connected. In offices with no more than 10 employees, we use mx68w devices as a single device solution to provide wireless, security and routing functions for accessing the Internet and Cisco Networks. The pre configured equipment can be installed by local employees, who just need to fix it on the desk and connect it to the office's Internet service

the extended configuration can support up to 25 employees and support more wireless access points when needed, thus providing sufficient wireless coverage and performance to meet the needs. This configuration uses one Meraki mx68 device, two Meraki MSFP access switches, and two Meraki mr53 wireless access points. These components can be installed on the rack in the office communication machine room or in the lockable wall mounted cabinet and placed in the office

the new wireless connectivity solution was first deployed in five remote Cisco offices, and we plan to eventually deploy in about 100 Cisco offices around the world. David Laban, Cisco IT network engineer, said:

although this new wireless solution is mainly designed for short-term rental space, we will also use it for the company's own small offices. Meraki equipment provides us with a new choice for branches, so we can make the most cost-effective choice according to the size of the office and the communication capacity required by employees. We can also use it to provide network connections for sites that really need to be repaired quickly

realize fast network connection in case of disaster

for example, 60 Cisco employees in our Montreal office were evacuated due to fire, and Cisco used this small office solution to quickly restore network connection for them. In this case, after the modification of Meraki mx68 plastic with nano silver, the device also supports the field video communication of Cisco WebEx room series and DX series video terminals, and no performance problems have been reported

advantages of small office solutions for Cisco

using Cisco Meraki products for small office connectivity brings many advantages to our business and operations

improve the speed of office setting and reduce the cost, because the equipment does not need to be installed by technicians. Because we can ship in just a few days and the physical setup is as simple as plugging in a cable, we can quickly deploy remote office network connections. This simplicity also means that we do not need to send network engineers to configure equipment on site, which can save time and operating costs

the devices selected for this solution are small packaged devices, which means that they do not need to be installed in a physical rack. In addition, they are quiet, so they can be placed in ordinary work areas without disturbing employees

the centralized management control panel based on the intelligent management platform can help Cisco it simplify device deployment, troubleshooting and updating. Before the hardware connection, the network configuration can be completed in the control panel, and then when the remote office staff inserts the device into the local interconnection connection, the system will automatically download the network configuration to the device. If the device is stolen, we can use the control panel to disable the device remotely and clear the configuration

using a feature set that increases the consistent mileage by more than twice on the entire Meraki platform can simplify it operations and support, and can realize an easy transition when the office needs to install new equipment to meet the needs of more space or employees

Cisco can quickly start a new office, because wireless access and the use of existing interconnection services in the office mean that we don't need to wait for structured cabling or dedicated line installation in the office. Compared with using dedicated MPLS lines, it is cheaper and faster to deploy direct interconnection access (DIA) connections or use existing interconnection services in the office. Ordering and installing MPLS lines can take up to five months. In contrast, DIA can be deployed in less than a month, and the Internet services in the office are immediately available

Cisco is also evaluating the mx68w device as the new standard device of Cisco Virtual Office (CVO), which is our solution for home office employees. CVO use cases will also gain all the advantages offered by Meraki, including ease of deployment and centralized management using an intelligent management platform for operations

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