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Policies to promote the integration of auto parts industry accelerate

recently, with the reduction of tariffs on imported vehicles and parts, many multinational auto enterprises have reduced the price of imported cars, which has attracted widespread attention. More importantly, compared with the whole vehicle, the impact of the reduction of parts tariffs may be more extensive. For a long time, parts and components have been a weakness of China's automotive industry, and the automotive aftermarket has also been in a small, scattered and chaotic situation for a long time. However, the industry believes that with the vigorous development of China's automotive industry and the promotion of policies, the parts industry and automotive aftermarket are ushering in new opportunities. It is expected that the future scale will exceed 4trillion yuan, and industrial integration will accelerate

the parts industry ushers in new opportunities

as the foundation of the development of the automotive industry, the parts industry has become a solid support to help China's independent automotive industry become bigger, stronger and better. Over the past 60 years, the domestic auto parts industry has been growing. With the joint venture and cooperation promoted by the reform and opening up and the market dividends brought by the explosive growth of domestic production and sales, it has achieved exciting leapfrog development

it is understood that at present, there are more than 100000 domestic parts enterprises. In the fierce market competition, a group of enterprises with better development and strong strength have emerged, and have made remarkable achievements in core technology innovation, supporting market breakthrough, industrial strategic pattern, enterprise internal reform and so on. With the continuous promotion of policy innovation in the automotive industry and the transformation and upgrading of the overall industry development, the automotive parts industry and the automotive aftermarket have also ushered in new development opportunities

Su Hui, executive vice president of the tangible market branch of the China Automobile Circulation Association, said that compared with the decline in the import tariff of finished vehicles, the decline in the tax rate of auto parts is actually more important. Because the reduction of parts tax rate is classified and graded, this has a great impact on the price of imported car parts. The late maintenance cost of domestic high-end models has been high, and the high price of parts is an important reason. This tax rate reduction will have a greater impact and change on the maintenance service price of high-end imported vehicles than many experiments we have carried out in our own experimental production lines and customer factories, and will also change the overall development of the domestic automotive aftermarket

it is understood that in recent years, with the continuous improvement of domestic car ownership, China's automotive aftermarket has also entered a period of rapid development. It is estimated that in the next two years, the overall output value will exceed 4trillion yuan, with more than 13000 parts and components enterprises above Designated Size, and the products basically cover nearly 1500 parts of the automotive industry chain

in the face of such huge market potential, many multinational auto parts and service enterprises have expanded their business in China, and many Internet companies have also begun to vigorously enter the automotive aftermarket

at the 5th Chengdu International Auto parts and after sales service exhibition held recently, nearly 600 enterprises from Germany, France, South Korea, the United States, Japan, Spain and other countries and domestic enterprises participated. Zhou Shaolan, one of the organizers of the exhibition and deputy general manager of Messe Frankfurt Shanghai Co., Ltd., said that with the continuous development of the automotive industry and policy boost, the development potential of the domestic automotive aftermarket is huge. As the most important auto parts exhibition in Southwest China, the number of domestic and foreign auto parts and service enterprises participating in Chengdu auto parts exhibition has increased year by year, with an increase of more than 12% this year compared with last year, indicating that enterprises are very optimistic about the development prospect of China's automotive aftermarket

enter a new stage of high-quality development

while the market scale continues to expand, the automotive parts and automotive aftermarket has also begun to transform and upgrade, entering a high-quality development stage

Yu Kai, chairman of China Automotive Technology Research Center, said that China's economy has shifted from high-speed growth to high-quality development. As a large automobile production and marketing country, China's automobile industry has entered a new stage of high-quality development. It is very important to build a new type of integration and zero cooperation relationship. The development potential of the auto parts industry and the post market is very huge

Liu Shangxi, President of the Chinese Academy of financial Sciences, analyzed that the reduction of automobile import tariffs, from a global perspective, has a positive effect on global economic recovery, promoting global economic growth and global employment, especially for automobile exporting countries, which has a direct growth effect and employment effect. By reducing tariffs, competition has further intensified, and the pace of transformation and upgrading of China's auto manufacturers, including domestic national brand cars, will be greatly accelerated, which will also promote the supply side structural reform of the auto industry. For ordinary people, it can not only enrich the domestic market supply, but also bring consumers a richer and more affordable consumption experience

industry experts said that the important trend of the automotive industry in the future provides a rare opportunity for the development of the automotive industry and a way to expand its advantages and make up for its weaknesses. In the face of technological changes such as modular integration and electrification of parts and components, as well as intelligent manufacturing, the state, local governments and enterprises should actively realize the transformation and development of domestic parts and components industry and the optimization and strengthening of independent parts and components industry by clarifying the overall and whole industry chain development goals, efficiently integrating resources, looking for differentiated development paths, supporting and improving industrial support resources and guidance and support systems

for the future development of auto parts and aftermarket, experts said that on the one hand, the government should formulate strategies, create a good development environment, and strengthen the support of key backbone enterprises. On the other hand, manufacturing and service enterprises should also find the right position, pay attention to innovation, integrate various advantageous resources, and effectively promote the steady development of China's auto parts industry

automotive aftermarket integration accelerates

in the process of transformation and upgrading of automotive parts industry and automotive aftermarket and promoting high-quality development, the integration of the overall industry is also accelerating

Chen Min, CEO of tuhu auto care, one of the largest connected auto service enterprises in China, said that there have been problems in China's auto aftermarket, such as scattered, small and disordered, low level of intelligence in the industry as a whole, serious imbalance in service capacity, asymmetric information and uneven product quality. In order to meet the needs of the market, the speed of industry integration will continue to accelerate in the future

in recent years, China has frequently issued policies to regulate the development of the automotive aftermarket. The future policy direction is also to use the market-oriented mechanism to promote the integration and upgrading of the automotive aftermarket, improve the service level of automotive aftermarket enterprises, and meet the detailed introduction needs of more and more diversified servo hydraulic presses of consumers. With the continuous release of policies such as tariffs on imported cars and the liberalization of joint venture shares, the opening of the automotive market continues to increase, which will further accelerate the integration of the automotive aftermarket and make the automotive aftermarket develop in a more standardized and transparent direction

this kind of market integration has begun to appear. Recently, 28 well-known automotive aftermarket enterprises at home and abroad, including Aisin, Bosch, huimen, shell, kangdexin, Jinhu, tuhu car and so on, initiated the establishment of an automotive aftermarket integrity service alliance, promoted the construction of authentic series, 15 minute after-sales rapid response and other service standards, and planned to train 100000 high-level technical service technicians within five years to strengthen the aftermarket service quality

at the same time, the all China Federation of industry and commerce, the chain operation working committee of China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association, and many auto parts and aftermarket service enterprises have jointly promoted the establishment of a one-stop logistics service platform for centralized purchase of accessories. Through authorized direct sales and direct supply of brand accessories, joint maintenance enterprises have centralized orders and unified procurement, realizing one-stop logistics delivery to the door

it is understood that the focus of one-stop service is to support the transformation and innovation of maintenance enterprises, and support member enterprises to use e-commerce open platforms to purchase efficiently and safely. At the same time, support maintenance enterprises to build professional technical support systems such as B & P center, diagnosis center and maintenance technology information sharing center, improve enterprise information operation strength, mobile marketing ability and data-based performance management level, and build a knowledge-based, skilled and innovative high-quality professional talent team, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of automobile maintenance industry to modern automobile service industry and continuously improve service quality, It is an innovation to promote high-quality development in the process of automotive post market transformation and upgrading

experts said that the next year or two will be a critical period for the development of China's automotive aftermarket, and the integration of market and policy will be further strengthened. At the same time, the service mode will further create a new situation that hydraulic oil will oxidize and coking in long-term work. Based on information technology, the new service mode of online and offline complementation will become the main direction of the future market

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