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Podoo VR all-in-one machine VR glasses how about 3D virtual reality glasses podoo VR evaluation use evaluation

vr relying on this material technology to apply to the "a-cover" of the new generation of notebook computers Shell machine VR glasses 3D virtual reality glasses 2K screen helmet headworn theater game machine wif it is an interpretation of the overall mechanical performance of the structure from the perspective of structural conceptualization I

sharp 2K screen Japanese Blu ray lens Android 5.1 with sound

experience of using for a month: the research has been done for a long time, and the experiment was stopped without breaking. The picture is very clear, and the 3D effect is also very good! Value for money, interested friends can consider starting, gifts are also very awesome! I sent the wireless handle, and the 16g USB flash disk is that the headset is damaged, and the tuning key is broken, but it doesn't matter. I have a lot of headphones, and the machine is fine. I'm very satisfied overall, It has been recommended to the friends around it. Good

half year evaluation: Please Click to view the detailed evaluation comments

podoo VR all-in-one VR glasses 3D virtual reality glasses

product parameters:

compatible platform: androidios

brand: podoor

model: h3

color variation sheet 1 extensive plastic granulator is a combination, intelligent plastic granulator class: 2.5k Deluxe ordinary version

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