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Poland joins hands with China to jointly promote the development of world epoxy resin

Poland joins hands with China to jointly promote the development of world epoxy resin

March 16, 2007

polimex company of Poland has been committed to the development of epoxy industry chain for many years, and hopes to provide technology for the Chinese market. Polimex company has a good cooperation with China. The first set of ion bisphenol a device in China was introduced by this company, which was a cooperation with Bluestar new material Wuxi resin factory in the early 1990s. After years of experience, Poland has developed new technologies of epoxy resin, bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin. It is hoped that these technologies can play a role in China's epoxy resin industry and jointly promote the development of the world's epoxy resin industry

Polish epoxy resin technology is progressiveness in technology: high product quality, low hydrolyzed chlorine content, bright color, stable product quality and good repeatability; It is harmless to the environment, and there is no overflow gas discharged in the process. Sodium chloride can be recovered from the solution, and there is no organic matter in the overflow; The consumption of raw materials and utilities is low, and highly active catalysts are used in the polymerization process. It can produce a variety of high-performance epoxy resins due to the low input signal frequency. ICSO and Organika sarzy opened the oil supply valve Na chemical company jointly developed a new process in 2003, and realized the commercial operation of a 1.2 ton/year unit in nowa sarzyna, Poland. It should also be noted that the new process has applied a number of invention patents and won the silver medal in the 52nd and 55th brucelle "international invention research and Industrial Innovation Exhibition". The epoxy resin technology previously developed by ICSO and sarzyna has won many medals at international exhibitions held in Brussels, Moscow, Beijing, Seoul, and nurnburg, and won the Polish President's economic award in 2002

the propylene oxide chloropropane technology in Poland is the propylene chlorination method, and the process composition includes propylene chlorination, chloropropylene hydrochloride, and dichloropropanol desalination and acidification. The progressiveness of the process is manifested in high selectivity, high product quality, high-purity chloropropene (minimum 99.8%), etc. the high-purity hydrochloric acid by-product (minimum 9.8% from the perspective of subdivision products) can be used in different chemical synthesis. The production units applying this technology include the 30000 T/a epichlorohydrin unit of Poland's Organika zachem chemical plant and the 30000 T/a chloropropene unit of South Korea's Samsung fine chemicals. Experts said that epichlorohydrin and vinyl chloride have won many gold medals at various international invention and new technology exhibitions in Geneva, Hong Kong, Moscow, Beijing, Seoul and other places. As a part of epoxy resin enterprises, they won the Polish President's economic award in 2002

Poland's bisphenol a technology has made new progress recently: under the cat-bpa project of the international program "Eureka", the new Purolite catalyst has been successfully applied to the production of bisphenol A. The production of bisphenol A is realized through the condensation of phenol and acetone. The acid catalyst is used as the catalyst in the process. The application of ion exchange resin eliminates the problem of corrosion, and also makes the process have good selectivity and product quality. Some processes use mercaptan as the catalyst promoter; However, this also brings toxicity and other small problems. The latest technology is to use accelerators, which are connected to the catalyst through chemical bonds. In order to improve the product quality, production efficiency and economic index of bisphenol A, ICSO has improved the process from two aspects: using "non promoting" catalyst and using chemical bond combined promoting ion exchange catalyst. In the past years, ICSO process has won many awards from many international institutions and Polish national authorities

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