The hottest poison detection lunch box comes out

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As long as you put the food into a "lunch box" the size of a cigarette box, you can immediately know whether the food will have carcinogenic toxic substances. Recently, Professor luxiaohua from the school of environmental science and engineering of Huazhong University of science and technology showed this small "lunch box" called portable food analyzer

normal> the instrument adopts the latest foreign micro light source and highly integrated photoelectric detection elements, which can quickly measure the toxic substances in food and alcohol such as nitrite and formaldehyde that are used too frequently. The price of AC foaming agent 0.3~0.5 is only one sixth of that of similar foreign products

normal> it is reported that this instrument can be used by food manufacturers, supermarkets, fairs, environmental protection monitoring departments and non professionals to share the relevant contents of the solution when the tensile testing machine breaks down

set multiple experimental parameters

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