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Honeywell helps Norway's adatak printing plant upgrade its printing control and transmission system

modernization and upgrading will improve printing capacity and enhance stability

Norway can choose load time, load displacement, displacement time, deformation time and other experimental curve real-time display, amplification, comparison, traversal functions and monitoring of experimental progress Oslo, On January 8th, 2013, Honeywell (nyse:hon) announced today that it will help Norway's second-largest publisher IDA Tucker upgrade its printa printing control and shaftless transmission system at its printing plant in Stokke, Norway

Honeywell will provide new commercial I/O modules to upgrade the safety system to the current standard and increase the redundancy of the drive system. ADA tuck belongs to amedia as group, which was merged by a-pressen and ADA media group in 2012. The group has distributed as many as 78 paper media in Norway, Russia and other countries

Nils Morten vestskogen, the manager of the ADA tuck plant, said: by replacing existing parts, Honeywell will help stoke plant extend the life cycle of the existing printing device to 2020 and continue to print newspapers. Another advantage of this upgrade is that it will not interfere with existing production through continuous and gradual step-by-step upgrading

as part of the scope of supply this time, the existing BITBUS I/O module will be replaced by a commercial PROFIBUS I/O module, the controllers of the pulp tower and folding machine will be upgraded to the field controller of Honeywell PMD system, and the safety system will be more advanced and follow the existing standards. At the same time, Shaftless transmission system will be upgraded from optical SERCOS II to Ethernet based SERCOS III system with new transmission and motor. Redundancy is achieved by separating the transmission network of the double pulp tower, so as to reduce the risk caused by the failure of the frequency converter

Marko J msen, head of pulp, paper and printing industry business of Honeywell process control department, said: the printing industry is facing a difficult period, and the circulation of newspapers gradually decreases with the rise of digital media. By using the solutions of

Honeywell, ADA Tucker has made a smart decision to gradually upgrade its printing control system, protect its existing assets and ensure that the company maintains and achieves good performance in the future

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