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Honeywell launched an upgraded smart fire IOT solution to help enterprise safety management

Shanghai on December 9, 2020, Honeywell announced that it had launched its new and upgraded smart fire IOT solution at the ongoing Shanghai international emergency and fire safety exhibition. The scheme is independently developed by Honeywell in China, and combined with Honeywell's rich industry experience in building intelligence and IOT over the past 20 years, it is specially tailored for enterprise fire safety. Compared with the traditional building fire alarm system, Honeywell intelligent fire IOT solution can realize the integration and interconnection of software and hardware, and better serve and meet the different needs of enterprises and relevant emergency management departments in daily operation, hidden danger management, emergency disposal and collaboration

since the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security issued the guiding opinions on comprehensively promoting the construction of intelligent fire protection in 2017, government agencies have successively issued a number of relevant policy plans and opinions on fire information and intelligence every year to actively guide and promote the construction of intelligent fire protection. According to the prediction [i], the growth rate of China's smart fire investment is expected to remain at about 15% in the next five years. By 2025, the overall market scale of smart fire will reach about 8billion yuan, and the future development potential is huge

with the continuous development and commercialization of emerging technologies such as IOT, big data, 5g and artificial intelligence, smart fire IOT has stepped from a development concept into real application practice. Honeywell has always been committed to creating and promoting the development of cutting-edge technology and creating a more intelligent and interconnected fire safety management platform. Li Ye, vice president of Honeywell intelligent building technology group and general manager of China, said that in the future, Honeywell will also continue to adhere to local innovation, and work together with upstream and downstream partners, enterprise users and relevant departments of the industry to build an innovative smart fire ecosystem to jointly help the development of China's fire industry

three major upgrades of Honeywell intelligent fire IOT solutions in China

experimental opportunities to simulate the working parameters, state and environment of the spring continue to appear

three dimensional space Synthesis 2. Event monitoring of safety devices of electronic tensile testing machine - support the real-time dynamic fire safety state in the scene from the park, building to floor, and greatly reduce the fire emergency response time

full connection of fire-fighting subsystem - the intelligent fire-fighting software platform can realize the comprehensive connection with 13 fire-fighting subsystems and video monitoring systems, including fire alarm, water system, emergency evacuation, smoke control and exhaust, and support the integration and interconnection of third-party information systems at the same time

configurable interactive emergency response process - emergency plans can be flexibly configured according to the enterprise management process. At the same time, the mobile terminal platform is provided to support the interactive response inside and outside the site after an emergency event, and is equipped with the filing and archiving function after emergency disposal

at present, Honeywell intelligent fire IOT solutions have been widely used in public infrastructure, industrial parks, commercial buildings, data centers, warehousing and logistics, including airports and subways. In addition, in this exhibition, Honeywell also showed a number of cutting-edge sensing technologies in the field of fire early warning and alarm systems, including art series IOT independent smoke/combustible gas detectors, inspiratory very early warning, visual thermal imaging temperature sensing fire detectors, etc. These intelligent edge devices can collect and provide richer data by means of artificial intelligence and big data calculation, effectively improve the accuracy and reliability of the alarm, so as to better help use the measurement of force to successfully complete the safety management of households in daily and emergency situations

for more information about Honeywell intelligent fire IOT solutions and other fire product technologies, please go to Honeywell booth (Booth No. a002) of the 14th Shanghai international emergency and fire safety exhibition from December 9 to December 11, 2020

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