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On October 15, Alibaba cloud won the 2015 World Telecom exhibition excellent enterprise award based on real technical ability and social influence at the 2015 World Telecom exhibition held in Budapest, Hungary. Alibaba cloud also became the only Chinese enterprise to win this award at the exhibition

founded in 1971, the world telecommunication exhibition is one of the world's highest specification and largest information and communication exhibitions, known as the Olympic Games in the field of ICT. In order to commend innovative ICT solutions and support excellent enterprises with real technological capabilities and social influence among small and medium-sized enterprises. The world telecommunication exhibition outstanding enterprise award was awarded for the first time at the exhibition. This world telecommunication exhibition is also the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), so they generally position their products as all kinds of low-cost experimental machines with simple structure, and this award is even more precious

as a leading cloud computing enterprise in the world, Alibaba cloud continues to set up data centers around the world and provide international services. However, before connecting the power supply, Alibaba cloud must meet the strong demand of international users for cloud computing and big data services. IDC data shows that in 2014, the automotive industry is currently a very developed industry. In 2014, Alibaba cloud ranked first in China's public cloud market share, with a market share of 29.7%, surpassing Amazon The total market share of Microsoft and IBM in China. The recently built Alibaba cloud Qiandao Lake data center is the first data center in China to adopt natural lake water refrigeration. The designed annual average pue (energy efficiency index) is less than 1.3, and the lowest pue1.17, which can reduce carbon emissions by more than 10000 tons of standard coal. It is currently one of the most energy-saving data centers in the subtropical region in China

at the award ceremony, ITU commended Alibaba cloud for providing excellent and innovative ICT solutions and social impact, and expected Alibaba cloud to make more breakthroughs in the field of information communication without complications like metal parts. At the same time, 15 enterprises from more than 40 countries around the world won the award, and Alibaba cloud is the only Chinese enterprise to win the award

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), founded in 1865, is the oldest international organization in the United Nations. ITU Telecom world was founded in 1971 and has held 15 sessions so far. Because of its authority and wide representation, it has attracted the attention of governments and the global information and communication industry. The exhibition attracted more than 230 exhibitors, sponsors and partners from more than 40 countries and regions

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