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Honeywell provided Qantas with wheel and brake materials

Honeywell announced on February 4, 2010 that it would provide wheel and brake carbon materials for Qantas Airbus a308 aircraft with its clear functions. However, the specific terms of the contract were not disclosed

Mike Madsen, vice president of Honeywell Aerospace Group's Aviation Division, said: this agreement can ensure that Qantas can obtain the required spare parts immediately. Through this agreement, Qantas can predict the maintenance costs and quickly obtain urgently needed spare parts, so as to minimize business interruption and reduce operating costs

Honeywell will provide wheel and brake materials for 6 A380 and 14 additional aircraft orders of Qantas fleet

by signing the A380 material cost per aircraft landing (mcpal) agreement, Honeywell will provide Qantas with after-sales market support and parts required for the maintenance and operation of A380 wheel and brake system. Does the sensor of Honeywell's carbenix friction material professional testing machine have much to do with temperature? Technology, titanium brake parts and patented antioxidant 5. Detection performance: protection technology is used to enhance the forming and processing of A380 integrated wheel and brake system. It has an experienced expert team and deep technology to accumulate operating performance and prolong its service life

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