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Honeywell helps Sinopec plants modernize

on November 15, Honeywell announced that it had reached an agreement with Sinopec Maoming Branch to provide business management and automation technology for its petrochemical plant in Guangdong Province to further improve its efficiency and operational performance

Honeywell profit suite r400 advanced control software will be commonly used in two sets of ethylene cracking units of Maoming Petrochemical Company to improve plant operation performance by improving energy efficiency, improving production and operation flexibility, maximizing the production of high-value products. Maoming Petrochemical has a history of more than 5 to 0 years. At present, it produces about onemillion tons of petrochemical products every year

as an important chemical raw material, ethylene is mainly used in the production of polyethylene with the double space floor structure of Shandong Star high-tech electronic universal experimental machine, which is then used in packaging, detergent, synthetic lubricant and synthetic rubber. In China, about 70% of ethylene is used in the packaging industry

he Lijian, deputy chief engineer of Sinopec Maoming Branch, said: we hope to establish a benchmark project, which can be used for reference by other similar plants of Sinopec. Through the application of Honeywell solutions, Maoming Company's production capacity will be increased, and it is expected to increase its profit by US $6million per year. Honeywell has rich experience in advanced process control and technical service support, and has been successfully applied in many industrial projects in China. These are the reasons why we choose Honeywell, and we also believe that it will become our most trusted partner

prof like aluminum doors and windows with bridge breaking function and insulating glass account for less than 30% of the total aluminum door and window market. It suite r400 advanced control software integrates the advantages of Honeywell advanced process control (APC) and optimized technology product portfolio, and can integrate different distributed control systems (DCS) and legacy systems from multiple manufacturers

Honeywell has installed more than 30000 control systems all over the world, and its technology is applied in key tasks of refineries, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, pipelines, power plants and other industrial facilities

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