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Honeywell introduced economical surface assembled bipolar Hall effect magnetic position sensor editor's note: in July, Honeywell introduced economical surface assembled bipolar Hall effect magnetic position sensor that fixes agricultural and sideline products' identity information through two-dimensional code. The small sot - 23 package of ss30at sensor takes up less space on the printed circuit board, And help reduce manufacturing costs

Honeywell released its ss30at bipolar Hall effect magnetic position sensor on July 14, 2009. The sensor is a small sot - 23 surface assembly package, which takes up less space on the printed circuit board (PCB). Honeywell has optimized the size of integrated circuits to help customers reduce the use cost on the premise of meeting customer needs. Ss30at can provide belt and reel packaging for automatic take-off and assembly, which further helps customers reduce manufacturing costs

the ss30at can use the power supply voltage from 4.5vdc to 24VDC and the ability of operating temperature up to 125 ° C [257 ° F], which improves the flexibility of application. When installed on a printed circuit board (PCB), the built-in reverse voltage protection simplifies installation and protects the sensor from damage. Its thermally balanced integrated circuit provides stable operation over the entire temperature range

potential transportation industry and industrial applications include speed and speed (RPM) sensing, tachometer, motor and fan control, electric vehicle control, sunroof position, flow sensing, brushless DC motor commutation and robot control

ss30at is a multi-purpose, digital Hall effect device, which uses the magnetic field of permanent magnet or electromagnet to operate in response to alternating South and north poles. The open collector current sink output allows the sensor to interface with many electronic components without buffering. Ss30at series is an extension of Honeywell's bipolar Hall effect magnetic position sensor product series. Other bipolar Hall sensors include ss40a (in-line TO-92, bulk), ss40a - T2 (in-line offset packaging), ss40a - T3 (formed pin offset packaging), and ss50at (small sot-89 surface assembled reel packaging)

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