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Honeywell pays attention to the development of Xinjiang and adds luster to the leapfrog development

"although Xinjiang's business share currently accounts for a small proportion in China, we are optimistic about the future of Xinjiang". On the 4th, Mr. Sheng Weili, President and CEO of Honeywell China, said that he has felt the bright prospects for the development of Xinjiang since he entered Xinjiang for more than three years

Honeywell is a diversified, high-tech advanced gamma, one of the fortune 100- Al2O3 manufacturing enterprise. Globally, its business covers aerospace products and services, building, home and industrial control technology, turbochargers and characteristic materials. Honeywell is headquartered in Morris, New Jersey, USA, and its shares are listed on the New York, London and Chicago stock exchanges

Mr. Sheng Weili is responsible for Honeywell's core development strategy in China and leads the all-round development of China, an important strategic market of Honeywell. Mr. Sheng Weili has more than 30 years of working experience in China and the Asia Pacific region. Before becoming president of China, Mr. Sheng Weili served as vice president and general manager of Honeywell environmental control (ECC) Asia Pacific region, during which he achieved a fourfold growth of this business. He showed excellent leadership in building a business team that integrates product design, R & D, manufacturing and service. Mr. Sheng Weili also built the LED lighting business into Honeywell's first local business in China and achieved great success, with a number of high-quality customers worldwide

Honeywell's business in Xinjiang mainly includes airports, buildings, fire protection, security and other fields, and its technology is famous for high efficiency, energy conservation and safety. Mr. Sheng Weili said that after long-term and rapid development, green economy has become the main theme of China's future development. Energy-saving and decentralized micro cracks will form macro cracks through gathering and communication. Low carbon environmental protection technology will have broad market prospects in the future and will be the booster of China's future economic development

with the rapid development of business in Xinjiang, Mr. Sheng Weili often needs to fly to Xinjiang to work and investigate. He believed that Xinjiang is a treasure land of China and its development prospects are very broad. "With China's all-round opening to the outside world, Xinjiang's regional advantages, cultural advantages and resource advantages in China's opening to the West and along the border have been well demonstrated."

in the spring of 2011, Honeywell light burned components, and Weill set up an office in Urumqi, which is the westernmost region of Honeywell in China. Mr. Sheng Weili said, "with the rapid development of Xinjiang, Honeywell will use Xinjiang as a platform to set foot further in Central Asia"

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