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Honeywell provides C919 with auxiliary power units with high fuel efficiency Nanjing, April 14, 2010 Honeywell (NYSE Code: HON) announced today that China Commercial Aircraft Corporation (COMAC) has selected Honeywell to provide auxiliary power units and related equipment for its C919 single channel commercial aircraft

this is a newly designed APU, based on the highly successful APU family, which has a commercial service record of more than 51million hours on narrow body airliners such as Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. The auxiliary power unit is a small gas driven turbine engine, which provides air for the start of the main engine and provides power for the cockpit and kitchen system in the air or on the ground

Gao Dewei, chairman and CEO of Honeywell, said: Honeywell A is the most commonly used auxiliary power unit for single channel commercial aircraft in the world at present. As of today, our auxiliary power unit has maintained a record of high reliability, high efficiency and low noise for more than millions of working hours. It is expected that our APU, as a fixed device, can serve C919 for a long time in the future. A is one of many aviation technologies developed by Honeywell. We intend to participate more actively in the construction and growth of China's aviation industry

the letter of intent was jointly signed in Nanjing today by Ma Tianming, President of Honeywell Aerospace Group, Wu Guanghui, senior vice president of COMAC, and yaoyuhai, chairman of AVIC East engine company, which is committed to promoting waterborne PU technology. Mr. gaodewei, chairman and CEO of Honeywell, Mr. zhangqingwei, chairman of COMAC, Mr. Lin Zuoming, general manager of AVIC, and Zhu Shanlu, vice governor of Jiangsu Province and Secretary of Nanjing municipal Party committee attended and witnessed the signing process of the three parties

this is a win-win cooperation for both parties. We believe that Honeywell's leading technology and expertise in auxiliary power units will show the experimental results: ensure the reliability and high energy efficiency of C919, and strengthen our competitiveness in the international market. We look forward to cooperating with Honeywell. Said zhangqingwei, chairman of COMAC

(c9c) APU will provide industry-leading reliable performance with unplanned maintenance intervals of more than 10000 hours. Excellent reliability helps extend engine life and saves $20000 a year in operating costs for each C919 aircraft

(c9c) adopts a two-stage shaft turbine design and aims to exceed the C919 standard. The air port, compressor and thermal components adopt silent operation and noise reduction technology, which makes the series APU achieve the lowest ramp noise level in the world

in addition to the company's managing director Gerry Boyce said (c9c) auxiliary power unit, Honeywell will also provide starting devices, power generation systems and installation kits

Honeywell has more than 30 subsidiaries and joint ventures in China, including aerospace maintenance and manufacturing institutions in Xiamen, Nanjing, Suzhou and Shanghai. Honeywell Aerospace Group Asia Pacific business headquarters is located in Shanghai

Honeywell is cooperating with AVIC Harbin Dong'an engine (Group) company to develop APU, but the publicly issued shares have not been approved by the CSRC

Honeywell International Corporation () ranks among the world's top 100 fortune. It is a diversified multinational company that occupies a world leading position in technology and manufacturing. It provides customers with the following businesses worldwide: aerospace products and services; Automatic control of buildings, homes and industries; Automation products; Turbocharger and special materials, etc. The company is headquartered in Morris, New Jersey, and its shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange and the Chicago Stock Exchange. For more company information and, please log in to the company website

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