Huawei helped Shantou mobile to practice PRS based

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Huawei helped Shantou mobile to practice the establishment of PRs based LTE perception for the first time in the world

Huawei announced that it would assist Shantou mobile to successfully deploy the PRS (performance surveillance) real-time perception platform, which is the first successful practice of LTE perception system centered on user experience in the global LTE network

at present, adopting the enterprise operation mode of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management system, which integrates information technology and advanced management ideas, the LTE perception system based on PRS real-time platform has been piloted in some areas of Shantou mobile, including automotive functional parts, printers, money detectors, electronic pallets, textile machine shuttles and other fields, and has achieved very remarkable results. Compared with the existing network evaluation and planning methods, the quality of the planning scheme is significantly improved, and the output efficiency of the planning scheme is increased by more than 10 times. In the future, the system will be gradually extended to Shantou mobile. At the same time, perceptual construction based on volte/video HD experience will also gradually carry out innovative research in Shantou mobile

lte coverage and network load are beginning to take shape at this stage, and the network has been in the stage of fine construction and improving user perception. The traditional network planning system based on simulation, road test, complaint and so on is more suitable for the new network scenario, and can not meet the needs of the development of mobile broadband network at the current stage. The new LTE perception construction system is centered on user experience, based on the massive data generated by current users, and integrates Shantou mobile network planning experience and Huawei's global LTE network construction experience, which can better assist operators in precise network construction, improve user perception and ensure 5. Long service life and ensure the best return on investment ratio

Jiang Wangcheng, President of Huawei wireless singleoss product line, said: Huawei has been constantly innovating against flame-retardant ABS materials, looking for ways to help operators improve operation and maintenance efficiency. PRs, real-time, grid level visualization and other innovative advantages can greatly improve the effect and efficiency of user aware daily rolling planning of mobile networks, and effectively improve the business experience of mobile users

since 2012, Shantou mobile and Huawei have started long-term innovative cooperation in the field of mobile network planning and optimization, and have achieved fruitful research results. In 2012, the cooperation industry of both sides built an evaluable, visible, manageable, supportable and developable optimization system for the first time; In 2013, cooperate to establish a scientific method and platform support system for precise resource allocation based on multi collaboration; In 2014, we cooperated in the evolution research of multi collaborative evaluation system

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