Huawei matebook14 full screen Pak is the most popu

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Use Huawei matebook 14 full screen Pak

start with this Huawei matebook 14 full screen 14 inch notebook in a certain Dongshang. Look at the evaluation comments of the major gods, and say how you feel after using it for a period of time, so as to provide a reference for friends who need toughness later

advantages: full screen + ultra narrow frame, can present more content, clear and delicate display effect, rich interfaces, especially HDMI interface, are very practical, and the adapter is equipped with the latest single column UTM experimental machine, which has a low power range. The new eighth generation Intel Core IU processor, Work and entertainment are super easy

disadvantages: the endurance still needs to be improved accurately

summary: Huawei matebook 14 can meet most of our work needs, and there is no problem with the current mainstream online games. For ordinary users, this is a very powerful chip. No matter using it for office or experiencing games and video entertainment, its performance is completely sufficient, and it will not easily get stuck

turn to more user evaluation details of advantages and disadvantages "are tepeo from benek Changshun automotive interior materials, hoping to help later friends choose reference

matebook 14 comprehensive screen detailed configuration parameters:

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