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On January 27, the Ministry of Education issued the notice on the postponement of the opening of the Spring Festival in 2020, requiring colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, and kindergartens to postpone the opening of the school

how not to delay children's learning progress? Ensure the normal development of teaching work

online teaching has become the best plan to take into account children's learning progress and prevent the spread of the epidemic

the Ministry of education pointed out:

through the overall use of the network platform, we can ensure that primary and secondary schools will not stop teaching and school during the prevention and control of the epidemic. In order to make nanofibers made of natural biological resources such as trees, waste wood, plants and waste paper stay in school, technology should become the main enabler

in order to fully implement online teaching and promote the development and innovation of smart education, Huawei cloud has recently jointly launched the learning at any time education alliance with more than 100 educational partners such as Tuowei information, Wenhua, tech, Qingruan, which aims to provide long-distance online teaching services for teachers and students at any time and provide educational informatization solutions for educational authorities, schools, educational institutions, academic institutions, etc. through the combination of cloud +ai+5g technology and education

launch the learning at any time Education Alliance

according to a third-party report, nearly 60% of Internet learners come from third and fourth tier cities and rural areas. In these areas, teacher resources, especially high-quality teacher resources, are scarce. Education breaks the restrictions of region and resources, and allows more students in backward areas to enjoy high-quality educational resources. Rat guards can be set on all pedestrian passages and ventilation and exhaust ducts

with the development of technology, the demand for talents and the form of education are undergoing great changes. Huawei cloud is committed to being the black land of the intelligent world. Through cloud +ai+5g, it works with partners to provide scenario based solutions for basic education, education, cloud campus, higher education, scientific research platform, etc., so as to accelerate the intelligent transformation of the education industry, improve the quality of education, and promote the fairness and justice of education

at present, Huawei cloud and more than 100 education partners jointly launched the anytime Learning Education Alliance to provide remote online teaching services for primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, educational training and other institutions. In the short term, offline teaching will be transferred to online, so as to ensure the quality of teaching and achieve the goal of non-stop teaching and non-stop school

give full play to the differentiated advantages of ecology

anytime Learning Education Alliance gives full play to the differentiated advantages of Huawei cloud ecology, and brings together the best partners in the field of education to work for a common goal

for primary and secondary schools

Tuowei information cooperates with Huawei cloud to build a regional learning center, and helps teachers' teams achieve efficient online office through welink to ensure the normal teaching progress of primary and secondary schools across the country

hexadecimal classroom and Huawei cloud have built a classroom teaching cloud service platform to provide free distance teaching services to primary and secondary schools in all regions of the country until the school resumes classes normally

for colleges and universities

the excellent college platform under Wenhua is based on Huawei cloud, providing 500 courses covering 12 categories for colleges and universities free of charge, and supporting schools to carry out courseware upload, course announcement, remote live broadcast, online examination and other learning services

Ti technology creates an air classroom based on Huawei cloud, and provides free remote live teaching and learning services to reduce the impact of the epidemic on teaching, training and other work

Huawei cloud classroom is a cloud based software teaching platform based on Huawei cloud. Its service foundation, Shandong Huayu, is at a critical stage of development and product transformation and upgrading. Its functions are also free to colleges and universities across the country to assist college teachers to quickly realize online distance teaching

for education and training institutions

three body cloud cooperates with Huawei cloud to provide free classroom and visual emergency command two technical services for schools and educational institutions in Wuhan, which are used to ensure teachers' and students' learning and video emergency command support during the epidemic, and help the staff fighting on the front line

poly way cooperates with Huawei cloud to launch teaching services suitable for small class interactive teaching, 1-to-1 teaching, double teacher/multi teacher class, large class, video and broadcast class and other scenarios

facing the field of talent training and technology empowerment

youth software training and Huawei cloud, through big data and artificial intelligence, have created a u+ new engineering smart cloud platform to provide colleges and universities with a comprehensive solution of platform + content + services, provide enterprises with accurate talent training and intelligent talent recommendation services, and build a new education ecosystem centered on learners

witnessing classes and Huawei cloud will add 1million witnessing classes education platform resources, which will be provided free of charge to non-profit schools and institutions in Hubei affected by the epidemic. By virtue of the technical advantages in the field of video live broadcasting, they will also provide exclusive online education live broadcasting platform construction services for all kinds of educational institutions at any time

cosoft international education and technology group and Huawei cloud jointly build a smart teaching cloud platform for individual learners, a smart teaching cloud platform for colleges and universities, a cloud platform for the preparation of 4.2 test pieces serving local government parks, and a park talent service platform for enterprises. By introducing the world's top talent evaluation, courses, and teacher content, through the combination with welink, individuals, enterprises The problem of distance talent training in Colleges and government parks

for the field of vocational education

based on Huawei cloud, Huawei tech industry education integration training cloud is built by tech to provide professional curriculum resources such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and practical ability improvement services for colleges and universities, enterprises and ICT practitioners, and carry out teaching activities such as teacher empowerment, student learning, interactive Q & a through the platform, so as to provide teachers and students with a high-quality online learning platform to ensure that they stay at home, You can study according to the original plan

iFLYTEK technology and Huawei cloud continue to launch free public courses nationwide, and open platform resources to help knowledge learning under the epidemic

the current epidemic situation has overcome difficulties. Members of the alliance are ready to provide high-quality online teaching services for teachers and students at any time

through the joint efforts of Huawei cloud and its partners, technology will also build a fertile dark land of wisdom for education

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