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Behind the new addition of "ensuring that there will be no unexpected problems in use", Huawei cloud has built a protective wall for nearly 10000 medical institutions

at present, the number of confirmed cases of covid-19 in provinces, cities and cities across the country has been zero for many days, the epidemic has achieved preliminary results, and the pace of resumption of work and production has been stepped up

looking back on the two months of fighting the epidemic, behind all kinds of 0 data, is the hard work of tens of millions of medical personnel who rushed to the front line day and night, as well as the efforts of many enterprises to actively practice the society and give full play to their own advantages to support the front line of the epidemic

from the completion of the first remote consultation platform of huoshenshan hospital, to the online consultation between Beijing Ditan hospital and Wuhan huoshenshan hospital, and then to the official launch of the cloud platform for automated identification of virus genome

behind these familiar and exciting news, Huawei cloud joined hands with hundreds of industry partners to focus on seven medical service scenarios, Supporting the medical front with scientific and technological forces has achieved phased results in all aspects

support nearly 10000 hospitals for remote consultation

connecting students show the pulse of beam displacement function life

in the medical scene, time is life. The timeliness of message transmission is 1 second late, and the significance and value will also decline significantly

Huawei cloud remote collaborative office solution takes the intelligent work platform Huawei cloud welink as the core, connects the offline conference system, and realizes the medical scenario applications such as remote conference and remote consultation

in mid February, the online remote consultation between Beijing Ditan hospital and Wuhan huoshenshan hospital was successfully completed with the support of Huawei welink. (extended reading: pay tribute to the angels in white who stick to the front line, we are serious!)

at the beginning of March, Academician Wang Chen and academician Zhong Nanshan of the national covid-19 expert group connected Changsha First Hospital (Changsha public health treatment center), Shaoyang Central Hospital, Zhuzhou Lukou District People's Hospital (Zhuzhou designated hospital for centralized treatment) and Loudi central hospital through Huawei cloud welink at the covid-19 remote consultation center of Hunan Provincial Health Commission, The three places have jointly carried out multidisciplinary remote video consultation on 6 patients with severe COVID-19

in addition to online consultation, Huawei cloud welink also supports the Health Commission, emergency command agencies, hospitals, pharmaceutical circulation enterprises and other institutions and departments to carry out mobile office, health testing, leadership visits, etc., so as to realize online and offline fast interconnection, convenient operation, remote collaborative scheduling, and help the prevention and control deployment work to be completed efficiently. (extended reading: during the epidemic, Huawei provided free welink enterprise collaboration services to enterprises and individuals in need)

up to now, Huawei cloud welink has supported nearly 10000 hospitals across the country to complete remote consultation services, and assisted nearly 10000 health committees at all levels, centers for Disease Control and prevention, and government units to carry out prevention and control deployment

online light interrogation

testimony of tens of thousands of patients

at the same time, the medical industry has also opened up a new battlefield

in special periods, how to guide citizens to seek medical treatment in an orderly and safe manner on the premise of reducing the risk of personnel contact and cross infection. Relying on physical hospitals, focusing on follow-up and routine consultation, and integrating inquiry, prescription, payment and dispensing, the one-stop Internet hospital has become an effective solution

based on the Internet hospital platform, Huawei cloud has launched Internet medical solutions and other preferential, convenient, safe and efficient online medical and health services. (extended reading: Huawei cloud provides security solutions for medical institutions free of charge, and the deployment is completed in one hour)

the Fifth Hospital Affiliated to Sun Yat sen University has launched the inquiry function on its official account based on the internet medical solution of Huawei cloud fever light inquiry, providing uninterrupted consultation services for patients from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and has received more than 800 patients in total within a week since the platform was launched

more than 50 grade III class A hospitals in Guangdong Province are also promoting prevention and control through Huawei cloud welink platform, and the number of people participating in remote meetings in the province every day exceeds 100000

cloud based digital hospital

12 hour speed of Huoshen mountain

in addition to the Internet hospital solution focusing on online light consultation, Huawei cloud has also launched a solution to help improve the digital capability of medical institutions

based on cloud computing, big data and other technologies, Huawei cloud supports medical institutions to carry out it cloud transformation through the full stack hybrid cloud scheme, helps them build a unified cloud platform base, opens up the data base, realizes the hierarchical deployment of core businesses and Internet businesses, and further promotes their own digital transformation. (extended reading: Huawei cloud can't help but support with AI in the face of the return visit volume of the million level epidemic!)

in the early stage of the outbreak, Huawei cloud helped Wuhan huoshenshan hospital to realize the establishment of remote consultation platform of cloud infrastructure and the online implementation of digital business system within 12 hours, so as to promote the rapid putting into use of the hospital, provide convenience to patients and doctors, and shorten the waiting time

the digital remote consultation platform not only reduces the infection of medical staff, but also further ensures the efficiency and effect of telemedicine

AI assisted CT image analysis

the best choice for hundreds of hospitals nationwide

in addition to the follow-up prevention and treatment, the early screening of covid-19 cases should not be ignored

in this process, CT image plays an indispensable role

Huawei cloud cooperates with Huazhong University of science and technology, bluetech and others to develop and launch novel coronavirus pneumonia AI assisted medical image quantitative analysis services. (extended reading: Huawei cloud launched AI assisted diagnosis service for COVID-19, and the CT quantitative results are output in seconds)

Huawei cloud uses computer vision and medical image analysis technology to segment and quantitatively evaluate the CT multiple ground glass density shadow and lung consolidation of patients' lungs, which can fully automatically, quickly and accurately provide CT quantitative results for images and clinicians, and the quantitative results of single case are output in seconds

it is worth mentioning that the overall efficiency of ai+ct image assisted screening review is dozens of times faster than the previous pure manual quantitative evaluation, which not only improves the diagnostic efficiency, but also helps to simplify and facilitate the CT image screening process. At present, the system has been put into use in hundreds of hospitals across the country

screening of antiviral drugs

preliminary results were achieved in only seven days

when medical staff fight on the front line, the rear is also fully accelerating the pace of scientific research

in the aspects of mechanism research, detection, treatment, prevention and control of novel coronavirus, many scientific research institutions have joined hands with science and technology enterprises to work hard and jointly tackle key problems

in the early stage of the outbreak, the school of basic medicine of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and technology, Wuhan children's Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and technology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University, the Beijing Genomics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Huawei cloud conducted a large-scale computer-assisted drug screening of 8506 drugs listed or undergoing clinical trials for a number of target proteins of 2019 novel coronavirus, The first stage results were achieved in only one week

the Huawei cloud joint scientific research team jointly announced the screening of five antiviral drugs that may be effective against 2019 novel coronavirus (2019 ncov), and the research results released this time are open to biomedical research institutions through Huawei cloud for antiviral drug research and development. (extended reading: anti epidemic progress: Huawei experts predict that by 2020, the cloud will jointly screen five potentially effective antiviral drugs with a number of scientific research institutions)

obviously, technology has become one of the most important weapons in the medical industry. From online to offline, from platform to technology, Huawei cloud also gives full play to the advantages of cloud, AI, 5g and so on to rush to the medical industry to start a scientific and technological war

up to now, Huawei cloud's special Zhihui medical solution has provided digital means to promote prevention and control work for 31 provinces (including autonomous regions and municipalities), 100+ provincial and urban health committees, and nearly 10000 medical institutions across the country

in the future, Huawei cloud will also continue to use the power of cloud +ai+5g to inject strong impetus into the medical industry and promote the whole process digitalization and intelligent transformation of the medical industry

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