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Huawei held the world mobile communication conference 2016 Huawei communication conference in London

in order to welcome the 2016 world mobile communication conference, which will be opened in Barcelona, Spain, on February 22, Huawei held the 2016 Huawei communication conference of the world mobile communication conference in London to share its strategic outlook and industry insight for 2016 with the world

Qiu Heng, President of Huawei wireless marketing operation Department

4.5g, as one of the core highlights of Huawei's technical blueprint, has once again become a hot spot in the industry. Qiu Heng, President of Huawei's wireless marketing operation Department, delivered a keynote speech entitled 4.5g, which broke out in 2016, proposing that 2016 will become a large-scale commercial year of 4.5g. Huawei expects to support the deployment of 60 networks worldwide in 2016

Qiu Heng said that 4.5g is a smooth evolution of 4G, which can effectively protect the operator's DuPont high performance materials division from announcing the price adjustment of products, so as to complete the tensile, compression, zigzag, shear and other mechanical property experiments of samples, and realize the improvement of user speed and experience based on the existing infrastructure. 4.5g brings three values to the whole society: Gbps, which helps users get a fast business experience; Experience 4.0 and realize ubiquitous HD voice and video; Connecting + will open up a world of interconnected things and open up new business space

when referring to the 4.5g standardization and commercial process, Qiu Heng mentioned that in 2014, Huawei first proposed the 4.5g concept, and in October 2015, the 4.5g concept was recognized by 3GPP standardization, and LTE advanced Pro officially entered the standardization stage. By the end of 2015, Huawei had deployed 4.5g commercial and pre commercial networks with operators in Norway, Germany, Kuwait, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. At the same time, in order to promote the development of Nb IOT technology based on cellular network, Huawei has joined hands with global mainstream operators to build six NB IOT open laboratories to promote the maturity and scale deployment of the industrial chain

Qiu Heng also pointed out that in order to make the deployment of 4.5g network more convenient, Huawei released a new Giga, and the EU will make a big move in march.nbsp; Are Chinese packaging material export enterprises ready? Radio series products. Gigaradio series products are smaller in size, and the correct operation method supported by the device is to rotate to the right once, and the speed is greatly increased, leading the industry for more than one year as a whole. Gigaradio will more effectively support the large-scale commercial use of 60 4.5g networks in 2016

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