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On November 8, CTI Forum (ctiforum): Huawei plans to participate in the 12th China Education Informatization innovation and development forum, which will be held in Changsha from November 21 to 22. After successfully participating in the national primary and secondary school principals' Forum and the first national primary and secondary school information technology exhibition in 2002, Huawei is refitted, Share with the majority of scholars the experience gained in the construction of educational informatization and the application results in the field of education

the China Education Informatization innovation and development forum, hosted by the 3.1 rubber tensile testing machine education management information center of the Ministry of education, has been successfully held for 11 sessions and has a high influence in the field of education informatization in China. 2. The meeting invited children to participate in the activities of self-made teaching aids, with the participation of well-known experts and scholars in the world. It is a platform for the academic exchange of educational informatization workers and the display of new technologies of educational informatization

this year is an important year for the implementation and development of the ten-year plan for educational informatization. Huawei has been paying close attention to the development of educational informatization. In the second half of this year, it officially established the business system department, which separately incorporated basic education and vocational education into the ICT construction and development industry, and released solutions such as digital campus education basic campus network, wireless campus network, network security, desktop cloud, remote video, etc. see:

during this event, Huawei will be located in exhibition area C5 of the main exhibition hall of Changsha Kaiyuan Xincheng hotel to present the solutions of resolving the education industry series to customers across the country, including education desktop cloud, distance education, etc

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