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Get rid of potential security threats, Huawei cloud threat detection service MTD public beta online

many security risks and threats in the network environment are often potential, like a time bomb buried in the dark, which is difficult to find at present, but once there is an opportunity, it will interfere with and invade the enterprise business system, causing losses to the enterprise

recently, Huawei cloud threat detection service MTD was officially launched for public beta, aiming to help users eliminate potential security threats and protect their Huawei cloud Iam accounts and workloads through machine learning, anomaly detection and integrated Threat Intelligence

core value of threat detection service

1. Continuously monitor malicious activities and unauthorized behaviors, supplement the detection capabilities of other services, and identify potential risks in advance

other two programmatic documents issued by the State Council and "de capacity" of coal security services pose security risks to Iam accounts, and the risks exposed by attacks using DNS, And the risks exposed by other intrusion behaviors in CTS logs are temporarily undetectable or weak. Threat detection services can make up for this weakness. By continuously monitoring and analyzing various cloud service logs, it identifies unauthorized or other abnormal malicious operations, identifies potential risks in advance and outputs analysis results

2. Automatic threat response and timely transmission of alarm information

after the discovery of threats, the risk information can be quickly and automatically transmitted to users through information, voice and other means, so as to facilitate users to deal with and repair in time

3. Cross service linkage, improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance

support the integration with services such as situational awareness, and carry out subsequent related safe operation actions to facilitate centralized management

threat detection service highlights its advantages

1. It has strong threat detection ability and accurate identification

the service integrates Huawei's own threat intelligence and open third-party intelligence sources, and sets Iam logs, DNS logs, and CTS log data as detection sources. In the future, it will gradually increase the type of log sources detected, which can comprehensively detect security threats. If there are no special requirements, the identification is more accurate based on Threat Intelligence base and machine learning algorithm

2. The detection types are rich, and the detection report is more suitable for the operation needs.

the support includes Iam anomaly detection, DGA detection, DGA tunnel after scientific planning and system demonstration detection, and other three detection types based on AI algorithm. The detection results can be queried by day, severity level, threat details, etc., which is more convenient for daily safe operation

3. Support custom black-and-white list configuration

support custom configuration of the black-and-white list of intelligence, IP and domain name, and can filter specific trusted IP without inspection

4. Protect the privacy of user data, and be safe and reliable.

for the original log, only analyze and save the analysis results; The Threat Intelligence imported by the third party is encrypted, stored and analyzed to fully ensure the security of users' privacy data

the rapid development of emerging technologies also brings the frequent occurrence of unknown security threats. Huawei cloud threat detection service (MTD) based on a variety of AI detection models can help you detect abnormal behaviors in time, eliminate potential security risks, and ensure the safe operation of enterprise business systems

in the public beta of threat detection service,

scan the code for immediate experience

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