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Huawei provides remote technical support for intelligent anti epidemic in isolation wards in Hebei Province

recently, the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Hebei Province has affected the hearts of countless people

due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the age span of patients is large, and the condition and type of disease are different, which brings great difficulties to the prevention and treatment of hospitals. At the same time, being trapped in isolation conditions, the consumption of a large number of material resources and the allocation of various resources have also brought pressure and challenges to the anti epidemic work. Shijiazhuang people's Hospital, Shijiazhuang Third People's Hospital and Shijiazhuang Fifth People's Hospital in Hebei Province, as designated hospitals that undertake the treatment of the vast majority of patients with covid-19, have formed a multi-party force to gather together to fight the epidemic in the face of large epidemic resistance, heavy burden of making corrosion-resistant parts, tight time and many difficulties

technology has temperature, which warms more people. In the face of various difficulties in the fight against epidemic diseases in Hebei Province, Huawei uses ideahub as the terminal to provide cloud conference services, and uses smart technology and remote technology to help improve the hospital's ability to fight epidemic diseases in multiple scenes

on-site materials donated by Huawei

with the concerted efforts of all, Huawei ideahub gives full play to the power of science and technology

in order to deploy prevention and control work more efficiently and avoid the potential risks brought by centralized meetings, in the case of non centralized and face-to-face, the cloud conference mode adopts the methods of one thing one discussion, urgent matters, special matters, etc. to coordinate and solve phased problems, with Huawei ideahub as the terminal, The provincial prevention and control headquarters and superior central leaders can quickly video connect the isolation ward, listen to the opinions and suggestions of medical workers, and comfort the medical staff

it is reported that it provides raw materials and additives solutions for home care, personal care and skin care products, high-performance coatings, pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries. At present, Hebei Provincial Health Commission and key hospitals have also adopted ideahub+ Huawei cloud Conference for real-time communication and collaborative office. The deployment and use are simple, the video effect is clear and smooth, and the superior leaders are in control of the city's epidemic prevention and treatment at any time, And conduct unified command and dispatching deployment

remote video conference

Huawei presented Huawei ideahub terminal equipment to five institutions, including Shijiazhuang Health Commission of Hebei Province, Hebei epidemic prevention command center, the Fifth People's Hospital, Shijiazhuang people's Hospital, and Shijiazhuang Third People's hospital. As the support and support of the power of science and technology, we will fight a battle to overcome the new crown

Huawei cloud conference deployment breaks the barrier of isolation and helps Hebei isolation ward

as a specialized infectious disease treatment institution in Shijiazhuang, the outbreak of the epidemic has caused a shortage of medical resources, and the overload of medical groups has become the norm, especially under multiple isolation, many problems need to be overcome. Huawei cloud conference has alleviated a series of problems in many scenarios

the isolation ward is the front line of the war epidemic. The treatment of patients with covid-19 involves multiple disciplines. Through Huawei remote technology cloud conference, experts from multiple disciplines in our hospital can consult patients every day. At the same time, for difficult and miscellaneous diseases, remote consultation with famous doctors in different places can also be realized to improve the treatment efficiency

in the front line of anti epidemic, in order to continuously improve the international influence of China's plastic machine industry and meet the application scenarios such as policy propaganda and full staff communication, the perfect integration of conference + collaboration + live broadcast can be achieved through Huawei cloud conference to realize multi person interaction. The isolation ward is inconvenient to enter, and external family members can visit remotely through Huawei cloud conference, and realize video communication with the medical staff on duty in the isolation ward

ward connection scenario

the epidemic affects the fate and development of all mankind, and medical treatment and life sciences are even more related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. Huawei will give full play to its professional leading capabilities in all aspects and play an important role in big data streaming, non-contact nucleic acid detection, remote collaborative office and other scenarios. Huawei will use the power of science and technology and the support of enterprises to protect the anti epidemic

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