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Camp is about to open! Huawei cloud "Twilight training camp" sends you an invitation for early spring

twilight is lit, and the future has come. This is an era of rapid change. 5g, IOT, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other innovative technologies are entering thousands of industries, deeply integrating with finance, education, medical and other industries, changing all aspects of our lives and ranking first

every technology start-up is a glimmer of light, which together converges into the vast galaxy in this explosive innovation era. From creative inspiration to commercial success, Huawei cloud helps realize every dream

from March 24 to 26, 2021, Huawei cloud will hold the first event of low light level training camp in Shenzhen, a special event in Dawan district. This event is hosted by Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and organized by Kunpeng industrial source innovation center and Huawei cloud Futian artificial intelligence and software development cloud Innovation Center. With the theme of gathering low light level and creating the future, it will provide industrial + entrepreneurial dual material empowerment for start-ups in Dawan 3D printing technology zone suitable for industrialization, Help start-ups grow rapidly

what is twilight training camp

the twilight training camp is jointly launched by Huawei cloud and the national industrial cloud innovation center. It is committed to helping start-ups grow and drive the digital transformation of the industrial chain by creating a dual material platform for industrial support and entrepreneurship support, in collaboration with government, enterprises, venture capital and industrial resources. The event will cover Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other major cities across the country, and work together with well-known incubators, VC, and start-ups to incubate start-ups throughout their life cycle, continuously influencing entrepreneurs from incubation camps, start-ups to acceleration camps

what does Twilight training camp provide for start-ups

professional entrepreneurship tutors and incubators/investors give lectures, professional BP design and one-on-one roadshow skills guidance, and professional training for start-up enterprise operation management; Through demo day, we can show our products/solutions face-to-face with well-known VC in the industry, and get customized on-site comments and guidance from VC venture capitalists and follow-up investment docking opportunities; p>

what can we learn in activities

the overall agenda of the low light training camp lasts for 3 days, and the course covers Huawei cloud ecological development and industrial cloud development, entrepreneurial wind direction and investment hotspots, start-up enterprise management, financing skills training, demo day roadshow, etc

which enterprises meet the registration requirements

the better the crack resistance of concrete

this low light level training camp is mainly for science and technology start-ups with SaaS, AI, big data, edge computing, 5g applications as core technology solutions or products and services. The enterprise has been established for no more than 10 years

how to sign up

scan the QR code and fill in the registration information before 0:00 on March 21 to participate in the activity. From March 15 to 21, we will successively notify the enterprises that have passed the review in the form of notification. Thank you for your participation

scan the code and join the low light training camp

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