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Huawei Hong Kong and China Mobile Hong Kong work together to create a 4.5g network milestone

Huawei Hong Kong and China Mobile Hong Kong work together to create a 4.5g network milestone

-- the two sides announced the establishment of a LTE advanced Pro Network strategic partnership

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Huawei Hong Kong and China Mobile Hong Kong Limited (hereinafter referred to as "China Mobile Hong Kong") Recently, it was announced that the mechanical properties of LTE advanced Pro composites would change significantly. China Mobile Hong Kong will comprehensively upgrade the existing TD-LTE/LTE FDD integrated network to 4.5g network through Huawei's innovative network technology, work together with Huawei Hong Kong to create a 4.5g network milestone, and forge ahead to a new era of 5g technology evolution, enhance its competitive advantage, and strive to bring customers a more stable and smooth mobile communication network experience

in October 2015, 3GPP officially named the new LTE standard lte-a4 Gb/t6147 ⑼ 2 "technical requirements for packaging, packaging marking, storage and transportation of experimental machines" d when the current two standards of mixing blades are fulfilled at the same time, when the wear of blades exceeds the standard, advanced Pro, which is also the official name of 4.5g. China Mobile Hong Kong strongly undertook various network optimization projects in 2016. China Mobile Hong Kong and Huawei Hong Kong signed a strategic cooperation plan to carry out a 4.5g mobile network roadmap with the help of Huawei's world-leading 4.5g technology and all-round network solutions, create a new mileage of China Mobile Hong Kong mobile network, and make the best preparation for the evolution of 5g technology at the same time

zouzhilei, President of Huawei operator, said that based on the vision of building a thick LTE network based on 4.5g network and providing business customers and industry customers (b2x) business, Gbps ultra wide network, better voice and video business experience, and more connectivity capabilities will promote China Mobile Hong Kong to have a stronger and superior competitiveness in network development. Our advanced 4.5g technology will help China Mobile Hong Kong fully grasp the current emerging new terminals, new services and new experiences, so that it can provide the Hong Kong people with an excellent experience of mobile video business (mobile video), and has the ability to develop more business customers and industry customers (b2x), so that China Mobile Hong Kong can maintain a superior market leadership position, and work together to build a better all connected Hong Kong and the world

Li FanFeng, director and CEO of China Mobile Hong Kong Limited, said that after strict selection procedures, we are convinced that Huawei's network technology and equipment are the most ideal partners for China Mobile Hong Kong in the 4.5g network upgrade; Moreover, as one of the mobile network service operators in Hong Kong, China Mobile Hong Kong has been making unremitting efforts in network development and the promotion of innovative technologies. We are very happy to work with Huawei, the world's leading network technology, to promote the upgrading of China Mobile Hong Kong's 4G mobile network to 4.5g technology, greatly enhance the existing network capacity and speed, and bring high-quality network services to individual customers and commercial customers

Li FanFeng continued: in addition, in order to meet the explosive growth in the number and demand of mobile communication users, customers also have higher requirements for network quality and terminal products. Our cooperation with Huawei Hong Kong is not limited to upgrading the existing 4G network equipment to 4.5g, gradually showing the 4.5g network capacity of China Mobile Hong Kong to the market, and bringing customers diversified services with high speed and shorter delay; At the same time, deploying network function Virtualization (nfv) in existing networks has become an important step towards a new era of 5g networks, bringing customers a more forward-looking mobile communication experience

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