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Huawei cloud is committed to promoting industrial upgrading and enterprise innovation in Sichuan Province.

on November 7, if the future is foreseeable, the Huawei cloud China trip to Chengdu station was successfully held. More than a thousand Sichuan enterprise representatives, industry elites and Huawei partners gathered together to talk about the development trend of Sichuan's economy and informatization, and discuss how to promote industrial upgrading and stimulate enterprise innovation through cloud. It is particularly worth mentioning that Huawei cloud game solutions have also been officially released, which has become a highlight of this event

Lei Zhankui, general manager of Huawei Sichuan Tibet region, said in his speech at the conference that Huawei has always been committed to building a trusted, open, online and offline Huawei cloud platform based on the fundamental interests and business demands of customers and facing the future. He said that in the next two years, Huawei hopes to closely communicate with Sichuan provincial, municipal, and all levels of government, industry associations, and customers in various industries, discuss digital transformation, and closely integrate Sichuan's characteristic industries, such as software industry, game industry, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent cloud, etc., to jointly innovate and develop

Lei Zhankui, general manager of Huawei Sichuan Tibet region

Wang Wensheng, deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, said in his speech that in order to promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, Sichuan Province issued the "notice on implementing the implementation plan of interconnection + manufacturing in Sichuan", and the interconnection + manufacturing in Sichuan platform was officially launched, and was supported by the national intelligent manufacturing special project and intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project. He hopes that more leading ICT enterprises like Huawei will continue to help Sichuan enterprises' digital transformation in the electronic information industry, software and information services, information infrastructure, and the integration of industrialization and industrialization

Wang Wensheng, deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission

Yang Pinhua, deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of science and technology, said that ima plans to provide guidance to designees, architects and construction personnel through a series of UK industry roundtables in 2018. ICT technology represented by mobile broadband, cloud computing, big data and IOT is becoming an engine for accelerating the transformation of various industries. He expects and encourages companies like Huawei to continue to invest in the future, build future oriented technological advantages, and make advanced investment and layout in the forefront of information technology, leading the development of ICT technology

Yang Pinhua, deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Department of science and technology

Hu weiqi, head of Huawei EBG China's Industry Cloud Development Department, delivered a keynote speech. She said: at this conference, Huawei cloud game solution was officially released. The game industry is an important part of accelerating the development of the cultural industry in Sichuan. The game solutions provided by Huawei cloud help the rapid development of the game industry in game research and development, game deployment, game operation and game innovation. She particularly stressed that Huawei has always adhered to its own business boundaries, not making game products, not competing for profits with customers, and being an engine of game innovation + fast

Hu weiqi, head of the industry Cloud Development Department of Huawei EBG China

the release of Huawei cloud game solutions surprised the audience and was also welcomed and recognized by the guests. Over the past two years, it is reported that tianyoujia has adopted Huawei cloud game solutions to build an integrated mobile game platform to escort the development, testing, launch and later operation of the game, quickly create high-quality mobile games and improve the user experience of millions of games. On the day of the launch of Huawei cloud solution in 2017, the recharge income of Android channel reached 5million yuan, and the cumulative recharge income in 25 days exceeded 100million yuan

Huawei cloud game solutions

in addition to the wonderful speeches and game releases, the guests were also attracted by the highly technological exhibition hall outside the main meeting. Huawei and more than a dozen ecological partners jointly demonstrated smart environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, cross-border e-commerce, road and bridge management, and enterprise hybrid cloud disaster recovery. In addition, Huawei cloud has also set up a special promotion zone to distribute new customers' digital cloud gift packages for registering with Huawei cloud on site. Customers also experience Huawei software development cloud, container cloud service, cloud database service, enterprise cloud communication and other services on site. On the afternoon of the 7th, according to their interests and concerns, the guests participated in the smart manufacturing, cutting-edge technology, and game industry; 1035 rdquo; Planning sub forum

based on the recognition of Huawei cloud's core advantages of openness, credibility and online and offline services, more and more enterprise customers choose Huawei cloud

softcom power, together with Huawei cloud, and Xiaojin county government, jointly build a smart agricultural e-commerce cloud platform to create Xiaojin products, a public brand of agricultural specialty products in the county, so as to organically combine with the enterprise's own brand, form a main and sub brand operation and the whole process anti-counterfeiting and traceability guarantee system, improve the competitiveness of county agricultural specialty products, and create a new model of the combination of e-commerce into rural areas and industrial targeted poverty alleviation

Chengdu ecosys, together with Huawei cloud, uses unified data management and analysis services to collect, store, transmit, analyze and apply campus information data such as teaching, management, technical services and life services, and introduces a new smart Campus All-in-one Card Scheme with one card, one library and one card, providing one-stop convenient services for the lives, studies and work of students and faculty

Huawei Company Profile

as the world's leading provider of information and communication (ICT) solutions, Huawei adheres to the vision of enriching people's communication and life, adheres to continuous innovation around customer needs, and cooperates openly with partners to build an end-to-end solution advantage in the fields of telecommunications networks, enterprise networks, terminals, audio and video, "Spencer said. Through 180000 dedicated Huawei people around the world, we are committed to creating the greatest value for operator customers, enterprise customers and consumers, and providing competitive ICT solutions, products and services. At present, Huawei's business covers more than 170 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 1/3 of the world's population. Huawei, founded in 1987, is a private enterprise with all shares held by employees. For more details, please refer to Huawei official:

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