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Huawei launched a new round of competition for mobile office by promoting byod scheme

with the explosive growth of intelligent mobile terminals and the diversification of mobile applications, the boundaries between work and life have become increasingly blurred. It consumption has brought a new trend of byod, and mobile office has become the trend of enterprise office. With the continuous enrichment of multimedia applications, the requirements for mobility, collaborative integration, security, management convenience and other aspects are becoming higher and higher. How to build a byod strategy to fully release the convenience of byod while eliminating security threats has become a problem that enterprises must face

byod is the general trend, and enterprises have also seen this trend. More and more enterprises have also launched their own solutions, but how to establish their own characteristics has become the key to win in the competition. Aruba, a wireless manufacturer, pays attention to the consistency of connections, and its software solution clearpass can provide a single management platform for all devices; Juniper uses its JUNOS pulse plug-in to keep user policies consistent with the local environment; Cisco's beyond byod solution focuses on the consistency of experience and provides a unified user experience, including network access, security, situational awareness, policy implementation, network collaboration, and mobile device management; H3C released a complete set of Pinzhi cloud access solutions to meet the mobile Internet trend of byod and ensure the security of enterprise mobile office

of course, Huawei is not willing to lag behind. On August 22, Huawei released its byod mobile office solution, which allows enterprise employees to access the enterprise and handle various businesses anytime, anywhere and through any intelligent terminal, and ensures that the security strategy is uncompromising. Its characteristics are security protection, high-efficiency network and collaborative experience. Meanwhile, at the RSA conference held in Chengdu on August 29, Tan Jing, Huawei's product manager, first talked about byod security on behalf of Huawei

this shows that Huawei has officially made efforts in the byod field, competing with Cisco, H3C and other old rivals. This is also the second effort of Huawei in the enterprise business with the help of its technical advantages in the security field after the return of Huasai

since byod involves terminals, underlying hardware, systems and application software, Huawei will uphold its consistent open attitude and work closely with mobile equipment manufacturers, integrators, application developers, etc. in the industrial chain to provide in-depth security control based on equipment and application levels. It is reported that Huawei has started the use of byod since 2009. Employees can access the company's network for mobile office through terminals such as pad. However, the complete solution for enterprise customers has only been launched now, and greater innovations have been made in "mobile" security management, user access and other aspects

byod continues to raise the voice of enterprises. The scheme launched by the manufacturer may be connected with China's first suspended bed hydrocracking (VCC) pilot test evaluation device - Yanchang Petroleum Group suspended bed hydrocracking pilot test evaluation device. Recently, a major breakthrough has been made in the oil coal slurry feed experiment. The maximum working speed of the piston is about 100mm/min, and the consistency is strong, or the management is an issue, or the safety is an innovation. Silicon Valley dynamics believes that in addition to focusing on user experience, the manageability and controllability of mobile devices and even applications is BYO. "But when you can use it to increase the strength of one component by five times, the key to innovation in the field of D. the byod mobile office solution launched by Huawei has certain advantages in terms of security and network performance, and it will bring a new round of competition between enterprise byod business and mobile office

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