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High efficiency of machine replacement Zhejiang enterprises helped Xinjiang cotton picking mechanization. "My family used to have a 200 mu cotton field. At that time, more than 20 people were employed to harvest it, which took one and a half months. Now our nano particle addition has become a good method for plastic modification. We contracted a 3500 Mu cotton field. After using the cotton picking machine, it took only 20 days to complete the harvest." In December, xiaopingjiang, a cotton farmer in Shaya County, Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang, packed the picked long staple cotton and sent it to the processing plant at an early date. "Replacing people with machines means high efficiency!"

the cotton picker used by xiaopingjiang was independently developed by boshiran Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., a Zhejiang aided enterprise in Xinjiang. With the strong promotion of the provincial and municipal headquarters of assisting Xinjiang, in February this year, Zhejiang Yate electric appliance group settled in Shaya county and invested 500million yuan to build boshiran Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. to promote the mechanized production of the whole industry of cotton planting in southern Xinjiang. Since it was put into operation in July, the annual output value has reached 200million yuan. Now the production time of cotton pickers has been scheduled to 2019, with more than 200 orders, making it an important equipment manufacturing enterprise in southern Xinjiang

the total cotton output of Xinjiang has ranked first in China for more than 20 years, accounting for more than 80% of the cotton planting area in China. Aksu region, which is supported by Zhejiang Province, is the national base of high-quality commercial cotton. The total cotton output accounts for one ninth of the country, one third of Xinjiang, and 10. 5% of the country's long staple cotton output Air supplement outlet: there are two air supplement outlets with a diameter of 50mm (which can also be used to measure voltage, etc.) on the left side of the box. It is known as the "hometown of long staple cotton in China" and an important part of the "three cities, seven parks and one center" of Xinjiang textile and garment industry

"for manual picking, how much extra money will be spent for one kilogram of cotton when checking out? The labor cost is about 2 yuan, while for machine picking, the labor cost for one kilogram of cotton is only 0.7 yuan." Suwancai, head of cotton field of Xinjiang Lihua cotton industry, bought a new six row cotton picker this year, and the machine picking of 1145 Mu cotton field was completed in five days. In the past, at least 100 workers were required to work for one month to complete the picking

Zhejiang yate Group is a rare enterprise in China and even Asia that can simultaneously produce three row, five row and six row cotton pickers, From Northcote, he said, "this has put a lot of pressure on us. The six element cotton picker mainly developed has entered the national agricultural machinery promotion catalogue, filling the gap in the domestic industry. In 2017, the global ranking of cotton picker brands showed that the" boshiran "brand ranked first in China and second in the world, second only to the American industry giant" John Deere ". (sunbaosheng, correspondent of Xuyan, Zhejiang Province)


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